Gastroparesis test prep question

For those of you who had the imaging test for gastroparesis, were you told to fast longer than 4 hours?

I’m having mine at 8:30, and was told to fast, not even black coffee, for 4 hours. The problem is I get migraines with vomiting when I fast. So I’m wondering if I get up at 3 am, if I could have coffee with skim milk, plus my meds, be done by 3:30, and be ok for the test.

I narrowly averted ruining an endoscopy because of this & don’t want to repeat it!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I think for the gastroparesis test they just dont want a large volume of food in your stomach. I think you would be ok with a coffee as they’re testing if you have delayed gastric emptying and using ‘something’ to digest anyway. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks for your response. I couldn’t figure out why they said no to the black coffee but I just realized it. I bet it’s the caffeine, it probably increases gut motility.

I tried to call today but they were closed for the holiday. I’ll try again tomorrow!


Jen, when I had the test they were adamant that I fast after 12 midnight. I understand the rationale of having coffee 4 hours out. As I recall during the test they gave me black coffee as part of the test both times. But I do not recall exactly.

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Thanks for your reply!

I reached the lab, and was told I can have a cup of coffee with skim milk in it as long as I’m finished before the 4-hour window. Yay! We’ll see how it goes.


Just an update:

I had the test. I was up that morning at 2:30 so I had the coffee and just stayed up. Everything went smoothly and they let me go 2 hours into the test. My results were normal.

By the way, for those of you getting the test who have a pump or CGM, they let me keep both of those on.

Thanks again for your help!