I had a gastric emptying scan yesterday. Doctor says today it is normal as well as CT scan last week. So is it all in my head that I can’t hardly eat because I get bloated, full after I eat a couple bites if I’m able to eat anything at all. And the nausea all the time. Can they determine it’s not gastroparesis after one gastric emptying scan?

How long did your gastric emptying scan last? The Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist who finally diagnosed me with gastroparesis told me that tests that did not run a full four hours were not definitive. A year before my diagnosis I went through a 2-3 hour gastric emptying study that did not detect my gastroparesis even though I had been feeling significant symptoms for some time.

Gastroparesis can be very challenging to diagnosis. I’ve only tested positive once with the stomach emptying test. What some doctors fail to understand is nerve damage to the stomach impact more than just stomach emptying. That is why you can have nausea when your stomach is empty. It impacts the entire stomach (upper and lower)some of which can be tested for and others there is no test to diagnose.

It’s not in your head.

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@Terry4 it was a 4 hour scan

Well, you have classic symptoms of gastroparesis (GP) and it’s definitely affecting your quality of life. Your most potent tool to use to minimize or even stall progression is to get your blood glucose levels as close to normal as is reasonable for you.

With my GP diagnosis in 2012, I radically changed my diabetes care for the better. I cut carbs, lost weight, started daily exercise and closely tracked my diabetes data. I feel it’s had a good effect on my GP as it has not advanced at all. It may even be a bit better. I’ve heard reversing GP symptoms is very slow, if possible. My overall health is better, too. I feel alert and energetic and my moods are stable.

Sorry you’re having trouble getting a proper diagnosis but that shouldn’t stop you from making changes now if you’d like.

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I think time of day is important. I’m hungry til after lunch, which tends to be my big meal. Evening meal…not hungry. I had the test with eggs. I think they should use carbs.

@Terry4 I’ve had Diabetes for 35 years. My last A1C was 6.6. I haven’t eaten many carbs for about a year now. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, and now this going on. However about 2 years ago, I started noticing that about 2 hours after I ate meals is when I would see the spike upward of my sugars. My then endocrinologist didn’t seem concerned.

You’re doing an overall good job with your blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed with diabetes and it doesn’t act fairly.

Do you use a continuous glucose monitor, Tonya? I know it’s not economically feasible for everyone but it could help inform you about your delayed digestion. With that knowledge you might be able to construct an insulin regimen well-suited to your food curves.