I just found out I have gastroparesis from my diabetes

I am 29 and have been a type 1 diabetic for 22 years. Over the past few years I would double over with severe stomach pains and burning. Last weekend it happened again I went to the ER. They did a stomach cat scan and found a gastric bubble. They gave me pepcid through IV and pain meds. Tuesday I got an endoscopy and it came back negative for ulcers or anything else. The dr ruled upon my ct scan and symptoms and diabetes that I have gastroparesis. This is nerve damage to the stomach from being a diabetic so long which means I have a slow stomach. It doesnt digest right. I also am noticing when my bs is 170 or over I get the burning which they told me is normal. They put me on reglan to help control it but there is no cure for it. Anyone else with this problem or advice for me? I am making dietery changes, but food that is normally good for you is not good for me; fiber, veggies, fruits…

Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s so frustrating to learn of ANOTHER ailment that we have to handle.
I’m in the middle of diagnosing my stomach issues. I hardly eat anything, and yet I ALWAYS feel sluggish and sick to my stomach after any kind of food gets into me. People are suggesting Celiac, but I can’t be sure until tests are run and my Endo isn’t running any tests for a while.

I’m sorry, but I can’t really offer any advice. I’ve been doing my own dietary changes (severely cut back on carbs) and seriously changed my eating habits and eating schedules.

Have you thought about getting a second medical opinion before starting the new meds? Just to make sure before you start taking more medication.

Keep us posted! I’ve never heard of this- but I’m sure there is a TON of information that I dont know about T1D. It seems like something new comes up every day for me. :slight_smile:
T1D 11 years- age 25

OW! That’s sounds rough. Sorry, that you are having trouble with that. After 22 years of Diabetes, I was dxd. with P Retinopathy. Strange how it damages us differently. I’m Glad that you do not have Ulcers. Hopefully they will be able to help you with this condition.

Retinopathy for me too- as of this past August. Need to get this A1c under control. I’m trying really really hard and that’s all that I can do. :slight_smile: Trying to stay afloat!

Hi Priscilla,

I have gastroparesis & it’s a pain in more ways than one! I’d rather have ulcers or celiac than gastroparesis.

Mine was diagnosed by my endo because I had lows after eating & then huge spikes 5-7 hours later. Was making me insane trying to figure out what was going on with crazed readings.

As you know, gastroparesis makes it near impossible to time insulin to food. My endo said it can be healed with normal BG. I laughed at this. Sure, no problem. How in the world to have near normal BG when you don’t know when food will eventually digest?! He’s not sure if I have dawn phenonmenon or it’s gastroparesis causing fasting highs.

I don’t have the stomach pain you have, but I get this weird queasy feeling when my stomach finally does empty. It’s a strange sensation.

The worst time for me is dinner. My endo says that’s typical. I’m up all night waiting for the highs to strike to correct.

I was told no high fiber since fiber slows digestion.

Other suggestions I was given:

Chew food really well & eat slowly
Digestive enzymes with meals
Very small dinner meal
Protein should be fish or chicken & little red meat because white meats are easier to digest
No raw food (I eat salads anyway)
Vegetables & protein should be cooked well (bleech)
Liquid meals (protein shakes, soup)

I had liquid meals for dinner & it didn’t make any difference, but maybe it will help you.

Stomach exercises help some.

So sorry for the news. Know what you’re going through.