T2 with suspected gastroparesis

I have had occasional, but now worsening, symptoms of gastroparesis. I've vomited up my dinner the next morning a few times over the past few years. This happened again a few weeks ago (this time with diarrhea), and ever since then I've had very little hunger and a sensation of fullness after eating only a small amount of food. I've also had a lot of constipation and abdominal bloating/distention. I'm keeping it in check right now with small meals, many of which have been liquid or practically pureed. Animal fat seems to be a no-go. I've suffered from GERD and been on prilosec for about 15 years. I was diagnosed with T2 three and a half years ago (I'm now 35), and I've always maintained good control with my A1Cs around 6.0-6.3 with diet, exercise, and metformin.

My question is: I have always assumed that gastroparesis is a complication that resulted from long-term diabetes, and that it is more common in T1. With my history, is it possible that something else is causing my gastro problems? I don't want my doc to write this off as diabetic gastroparesis if something else is going on here. I'm seeing my doc in about three weeks, at my next scheduled follow-up appt for my labs. Thank you!

Well, there are lab tests which can confirm or rule out gastroparesis, and you should discuss getting them with your doc. It does seem obvious that there is SOMETHING going on.

T2's can get all the same complications that T1s get, and one of the problems with T2 is that you can have it for years without knowing it, so you may have had it longer than you think. But when I look at your picture, I can't help wondering if you ever had antibody tests, and whether you might be LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults). Not that it makes any difference in terms of complications, but Melitta has infected me with her concern about misdiagnosed LADAS! :-P

So, anyway, talk to your doc about it, and don't let him brush you off -- what you describe is not a pleasant way to live!

So anyway,

No, I haven't had the antibody tests. I've never asked my doc to do that since I've always maintained pretty tight glucose control with my current treatment regimen. I've taken up weight lifting in the past year, and I put on muscle fairly easily, so things seem to be going ok in the insulin department right now. I keep LADA in mind, though, and will definitely ask for them if I ever start to see crazier numbers on my meter.