Gene mutations in T1D Study is OPEN

UCSF and the University of Chicago are doing a gene sequencing study to determine if people with certain gene mutations can have their T1D reversed with targeted therapy.

They are looking for families with multiple people with T1D or individuals who have multiple auto-immune diseases. It is simple to participate (you just send in a vial of saliva) and could be life changing.

You can learn more and ask about participating here:


I applied


Me too, Rick … we are a gold mine for them!!! :joy:

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I’m the only person in my family with diabetes, in fact outside of this group I do not know a single other person with Type 1.

And I don’t have the misfortune of any other autoimmune disorders.

So I don’t suppose they want any of my spit. But more power to you!


I applied. They had on the list paternal uncle.


good to know, that qualifies me… I’ll check it out.


i signed up even though i am the only lucky member of my family to have type 1. i have several type 2 family members floating around out there, so we’ll see if i get my foot in the door.
sounds like an interesting study

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Thanks @Joanne11 for this link to T1D study and I just applied as others have stated here!