General Practice doctor vs. Endo?

I’m 43yrs old newly dx’d with what I guess is Type 2 diabetes based on at A1C of 6.7 and fasting BG of 146. GP has put me on diet/exercise only to manage which is working BG now ranges from 90-120. Do I need to find an Endo and have any additional tests done to determine the exact type. ie 1.5, 2 or whether I’m insulin resistant? Not sure what my next step should be?

You need a C-Peptide test and a GAD Antibody test as a minimum.

To actually directly test for insulin resistance take s lot of time at the hospital.
They can determine insulin resistance based on your self glucose testing.

At 43, you are most likely insulin resistant with a defective 1st phase release. The way to tell is to eat some carbs, and test hourly. If at the 3 hour mark or so your blood sugars return to normal levels, then your first phase insulin release is bad, like mine is.

If blood sugars stay high for several hours, you could have a defective 1st and 2nd phase insulin release.

You could also have a cortisol problem relating to your adrenal glands, PCOS related to your ovaries, any number of causes. MODY represents MANY different forms of diabetes.

An ENDO is supposed to be an expert. I embarrassed mine by asking questions I knew the answers to but she didn’t - LOL. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Google bloodsugar 101 and Dr Bernstein.
Google a Paleo diet and Neo diet.
Google Ketone Diet.

I can go back to diet and exercise, but I choose not to. I like being to eat on demand, not having to live for my next meal & exercise routine, and of course, being able to eat a piece of birthday cake like I did tonight (wife’s birthday).

They will have to pry my insulin out of my cold dead hands before I willingly give it up. Best possible thing I could have done was to ask for insulin. I skipped all the pills too. Wise choice I see.