Get Jerry the Bear to Every Child with T1D!

Hey everyone!

It’s Hannah and Aaron here, better known as papa bear and mama bear. We’re the creators of Jerry the Bear and you may have even seen us in bear suits in TuDiabetes here. Our mission is to get a Jerry into the hands of every child newly diagnosed.

Four and a half years ago we set out on a journey to improve the lives of children living with type 1 diabetes. After observing that kids would prick their stuffed animals fingers and even give them insulin injections the idea for Jerry was conceived. We asked ourselves whether we could bring this behavior to life in a way that was fun and educational.

29 iterations of our prototype later and after testing with over 350 families we shipped our first production run of bears last Christmas. After reaching 2% of kids newly diagnosed stories have been pouring in about how kids have gotten over their fear of insulin injections and even learned how to count carbs with Jerry!

A couple of months ago one of our families reached out to us with this article announcing that someone had donated 3MM dollars to the JDRF. They shared that this is the same amount it would take to get a bear into the hands of every child diagnosed in the coming year. This got us thinking, what if we could leverage the power of the crowd to achieve our mission and put a smile on the face of every child diagnosed in the coming year.

Today we’re launching a campaign on indiegogo to do just that! Please check out the page and share it with your friends.

If you have a child with type 1 diabetes that’s been newly diagnosed follow the steps below to be first in line to receive a Jerry the Bear!

1. Create an Indiegogo account.

2. Use the share buttons below the video to share your referral link with your social network!

3. If 10 people contribute to our campaign using your referral link, you will be among the first to receive Jerry the Bear.

hello, i've been T1 since before i was 3 years old.
I used to play with my teddy bear & give him shots with a glass syringe with needle removed.
& then feed him.
i am now 80 +

Shosh, can you imagine what it would have been like to have a teddy bear that helped you figure out carbohydrates and insulin? I was 3 when I was diagnosed as well, and I wonder if my relationship to my diabetes growing up would have been different at all if I had a stuffed animal "peer" in that experience.

Hello Shoshana! That is awesome that you had a teddy bear and had a similar play experience like Jerry! We have seen a lot of kids learning how to count carbs and starting to articulate their symptoms after playing with Jerry the Bear. Some families have mentioned that even siblings love learning about diabetes with Jerry!