Getting a Dexcom from Walgreens is a damn joke

Been getting my Dexcom from US Meds for the past year and when it came time to reorder I decided to switch to Walgreens since they just recently started supplying them. So almost 3 weeks ago I had my doctor send the prescription in to Walgreens for the Dexcom and for the past 3 weeks Walgreens has been telling me that they are waiting for it to be approved through Medicare. I told them I’ve already been approved as I’ve been getting it for over a year now and they said it’s corporate policy for every Dexcom script that they get must go through a new ‘application’. WTF? So now I’m just about out of supplies and not sure what to do. Anyone else have this problem?

hmmm, my Walgreens did a good job, but it wasn’t just any Walgreens - it was some kinda specialty Walgreens. I only know of two like that in the local area. They are both in the city. You might not have them if you aren’t near a major metropolitan area.

Its in a kinda hidden and unmarked location. You would never know it was there. It took me forever to find it, even with an address. Its strange.

Every time we get our 90-day supply of insulin from Walgreens, it is about a 2-week process because of their ineptitude. They just don’t understand Part B transactions.

I would say these issues are more to do with our ridiculous healthcare system than just Walgreens. I haven’t been getting my CGM or pump stuff through the pharmacy, but on my new insurance plan I can get them all through the pharmacy plan and may use Walgreens, or if I can find somewhere to order online that can file it through the pharmacy plan I will do that. I am soooooo sick of Edgepark…but that is another topic.

It doesn’t surprise me they are going through this extra approval, I would imagine that the insurance requires each supplier to submit a request.

Medicare works great for us. Our aggravations with Walgreens is pretty much the sole aggravation surrounding our medical needs. UHC through AARP is also a winner. Glad I picked Plan F from them.


America hates Walgreens.

Tens of thousands of hate walgreens posts on social media.

They earned it cause they do suck.

Actually I’ve had really good experience getting my CGM stuff from there. Opinions differ I guess.

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I get all my prescriptions from Walgreens with nary a problem.

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You never know if they are real or not

There are a few websites that will scan product reviews and pick out fakes - they work quite well

fakespot is one

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I used to get my Libre sensors through Walgreens, and exchanged them with them when needed and had no issues, The online order site was also pretty easy and they shipped it promptly.

However I have had other issues with Walgreens in the past. Like filling every prescription for everything I had ever gotten from them, they decided to put me on auto refill. Once I got it straightened, they did it again…There were a few other things like that as well.

Not related to Dexcom supplies (I order mine through Dexcom, which had been horrible for a couple of years, but most recently has started to go smoother), but when I had terrible insurance that had a very low prescription coverage cap, Walgreens was awesome and had by far the cheapest prices for insulin and my other expensive meds once I joined their prescription savings club, for a fee that was much much smaller than the amounts I saved. It was still super expensive to pay out of pocket, but the difference was substantial. So while I’m sure plenty of people have problems with them (and my guess is with any large pharmacy chain, largely due to how much of a pain our insurance system is to deal with, making these processes frustrating in general), that’s far from true for everyone.

CVS (where I go now, out of convenience) has the same problems with putting stuff on auto-refill I don’t want etc, so not a Walgreens-specific issue. It’s why I always double check all my scripts before paying for them.