Dexcom customer service has turned into a living nightmare

This started about 3 months ago. I get a call from someone at Dexcom claiming that they cannot process my re-order for supplies because my doctor has not faxed in my chart notes. I call my doctor and am told they never received a request from Dexcom about this. I call Dexcom back and tell them this and they told me they faxed multiple requests. I asked what fax number they have and it was not even my Dr offices fax number, So I tell them the correct number and figured that was the end of it. The next month I get the same exact call again telling me they have not received the DR’s notes. I asked them what fax number they had and this time it was the correct one so again I contacted my Dr’s office and they told me they did not receive any request for anything from Dexcom. I call Dexcom back and explained the problem and the person put me on hold and contacted the Dr’s office. She came back and said everything is taken care of. Great!

Now today I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t received any of my monthly supplies from Dexcom (been over 7 weeks) so I call them. Guess what I’m told? They are waiting for notes from my DR!! So I called my Dexcom ‘account manager’, the person I originally went though to get started on Dexcom and she told me “I am hearing this same thing from so many people it is making my head spin”. She said we put out a great product but our customer service sucks. Then she gave me the name and number of someone at US Med and told they will take care of you much better. Well hopefully that works out but has Dexcom seriously became this incompetent?

Just to be clear, it’s their sales support service that has gone haywire; my experience with technical support is as good as ever and that’s what I hear from most everyone else. If you CAN get supplies from someone other than Dexcom, do so. Walgreens now carries Dexcom and I’ve never had the slightest problem with them (doesn’t hurt that I can go to the Walgreens located in the Joslin Center, but still). But I gather you have to go through Dexcom if you’re on Medicare, sigh.

One thing I’ve learned with all DME-type suppliers is, never trust that the problem has been straightened out just because they say so. Give it a day or so, call back, rinse and repeat. Only way to be sure is to just stay on them.

I was originally told by them (and read it on here a few times) that if you’re on Medicare, which I am, that you can only go through Dexcom. Apparently that has changed because I spoke to US Med and using Medicare through them is not a problem. But you are correct, their support is not the problem.

That was originally true, however, in the past several months Dexcom has been working with some 3rd party providers in some states to supply Medicare patients with their monthly subscription supplies.

I am on Medicare and a Dexcom direct customer and have not had any delays in receiving my monthly supplies, however, I am very proactive and make sure that my doctor’s appointments, notes, Medicare number etc. are always right up to date with Medicare/Dexcom policies. It has taken me a little extra effort to make sure all is correct in advance and so far, my longest delay with Dexcom has been 2 hours when they forgot to send me my monthly reminder on the 2nd of the Month at 8:40 AM and I called them 2 hours later and they put my order through manually.

Same here. My wife and I both have Medicare and get supplies directly from Dexcom. The only delays ever, were due to Dexcom running out of stock and the longest delay we ever have had was 5 days. No biggie.