Where to get 90 day supply of sensors

I have been on Dexcom sensors for about a year. I have had no problems getting them until last month.
I placed my order Dec 29 and did not receive them until Jan 18.
I called multiple times and got a different excuse each time. My doctor did not send the paperwork, it was the end of the year, I was transitioning to the G6 etc, etc.
Does anyone know where I can get a 90 day supply so I only have to go through this every 90 days. I tried CCS and they said not yet I get my insulin from Walgreens but they are very slow as well. I think trying to get sensors from them would be tough.

Try US Med.

From your wording, it sounds like you may be Medicare??? If you are “Red, White, and Blue” Medicare (as oppose to a MedAdvantage plan), then going through DexCom or Walgreen’s at this point are pretty much your choices. Medicare has contracted with Walgreen’s to dispense the DexCom sensors to the Medicare patients. If someone was already getting them through another source (like DexCom) they are not switching people to Walgreen’s yet but if you leave one service to move to another, it will most likely have to be Walgreen’s.

Not at all true. I have Medicare and just started on the G6. I could have used Edwards Healthcare out of Ohio, where I had been getting my Libres, and I was given several other choices. I’m picked US HealthLink in Florida because the Dexcom sales rep said they were usually prompt. However, they won’t do 90 days, claiming it’s a Medicare rule. They will call me every month to make sure I reorder, but I may switch to US Med in the future. (I do, however, get my OmniPods from Walgreens)

That is interesting because, if it is “traditional” Medicare, Walgreen’s is the only contracted retail pharmacy able to fulfill Medicare claims. At this point, if it is anything other than “traditional” (like a MedAdvantage plan), it most likely will still go through a third party distributor. There must be something different about your situation, especially if the DexCom sales rep said you have multiple options.

Officially, to date, “Walgreen’s is the only contracted retail pharmacy able to fulfill Medicare claims” for the DexCom G6. (This is per DexCom). This whole thing started about mid-Octoberish and it is still very new. Everyone involved is still trying to understand the process of what they are supposed to do. (The brick and mortar pharmacies, Danville- aka Medicare hub-, DexCom, etc).

What you are saying is not true. Dexcom is trying to steer seniors new to Dexcom to Walgreens, but here are other suppliers from the Dexcom providers website. I am currently using Solara for Dexcom G6 supplies. I am on Basic Medicare with a supplement plan.

Nothing special about me. Traditional Medicare. T2D but it’s still DME and 100% covered with my AARP/UnitedHealthcare Supplement (although had to pay for the PDM because I’ve only had Libre for a year). Disabled and not a senior, but, again, doesn’t change my coverage. Came in the specially labeled “Medicare” packaging.

This all literally happened in the last week. Endo sent scrip & records to our Dexcom Inside Sales Rep out in SoCal. Rep called me, already approved & had all my info, incl. Medicare. I mentioned Edwards and that they were good mostly, she said she liked US Healthlink and said I could switch to one of several others if I wasn’t happy. They called me next day (Friday) and I got my first month’s worth on Tuesday.

She didn’t even mention Walgreens to me. I would have been okay with that since I got my OmniPods mail order from a Walgreens in NJ, although obviously under Part D, not B.

That was also the easiest process possible. Had 3 different Insulet people reach out 3 days in a row (sales, coverage & trainer) to make sure it was smooth; including doing a 3-way call with Walgreens to place the order.

This is all very interesting because, based on what DexCom keeps telling me this shouldn’t be the case.
I know Walgreen’s wasn’t quite as prepared as both DexCom and they swore they were (called that one), I wonder if they are backing off the whole Walgreen’s only thing. (Fine with me, Walgreen’s has been slow because they are not used to doing CGMS and Medicare). It is also interesting because I found out the paperwork Medicare is requiring from Walgreen’s is more exacting in it’s wording than what has been require from everyone else to date.

I have contacts in DexCom. I’m going to see what I can find out about all of this.

So, the former attorney in me, still picks apart text (which sometimes is a terrible habit). Looking at the link you shared I see 2 possibilities.

First, it says “at launch” only Walgreens, and then says it’s working to expand the contracted pharmacies. So they were successful in doing that fairly quickly.

Second, it says it’s the only “retail” pharmacy. Perhaps the distinction is “retail” pharmacy where one can go pick up prescriptions (Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Duane Reed, independents, etc) vs “mail order” pharmacies.

I have been with Solara for my infusion sets and cartridges for several years, and after a big snafu, was ready to move to CCS. (I had CCS previously and left them but don’t remember why.) Tandem forwarded my info to CCS to make the switch, and I never got a follow-up call. When I called CCS, the Customer Service agent seemed to be suffering from encephalo-anus. In the meantime, I escalated my issue with Solara up to management, received a call from the Director of Customer Service. She was very apologetic, explained the issues, and was able to resolve them quickly, within the day. I also indicated that I was anxious to receive my Dexcom sensors from them as well as the other supplies, so that I would be able to have one place fulfill my insulin dependent diabetic needs. Although I was told it would take several weeks, I was signed up to get my Dexcom supplies within three days of the call. For me, it’s not how a company messes up, it’s how they address the problem. If they deny there’s any issues, I’m not interested. If they are honest with me - that they are not receiving their supplies and cannot therefore supply customers with the G6 sensors, which was the case - and immediately get back to me as soon as the have the supplies - that’s the company I go with.

I would highly recommend Solara to supply for our diabetic needs.