Getting a Ping

Hi everyone! I've been on a Medtronic pump for the last 12 years, and I'm really wanting to get on a Ping.

I wondered if anyone could tell me how easy or difficult the process was to get a Ping, and how long it took. Since I'm not a brand new pumper, I assume it wouldn't take AS long, but I didn't know how the company was.

They were really quick with me. Under a week to get approval. Love my Ping ;)

My Ping is my first pump, but they were very easy to work with and I was approved in under a week.

I've gotten two Animas pumps over the last several years. Initially a 2020 then a Ping. Truly, the approval process is dependent on your doctor and your insurance if you have it. The 2020 was my first pump. I had researched the different brands and went to my doctor's visit with all the information and my part of the forms already filled out. The doctor agreed with my decision while I was there. The doctor filled out her part and faxed it in the next day. Two days later I had a call from Animas that my insurance approved the pump and asked how I wanted to pay the copay amount. Start to finish I had my pump and was testing with saline in less than two weeks. Animas customer service has been very responsive the entire time I've dealt with them. Their tech support has also been excellent the couple times I needed it.

There have been other postings both on and other sites where either the doctor or the insurance carrier delays pump approvals for months. It's almost never the pump manufacturer's fault.

Sounds like it shouldn't be too much of a hassle! I went to the doctor yesterday and they went ahead and faxed my forms in (along with doing a blood test, the results of which would prove my body doesn't produce insulin, "in case the insurance company asks." I've had T1 for. . .23 years? Ugh.)

So hopefully, the ball has begun rolling on this, and it shouldn't be too long!

The nutritionist yesterday told me that with my MiniMed 508, I was "living on borrowed time." Yikes.

I have several friends who used the MM508, and were very happy with the pump. Is a testament to its durability you are still using it!

It will make a great backup for the Animas.

I absolutely love my Ping. I found the company very easy to deal with and they seem to be genuinely interested in taking care of problems and answering questions. My training was wonderful. It took me a year to get a pump, but that was because of insurance company questions and concerns, not because Animas didn't try. They guided me through the whole process and I wouldn't have had any clue of how to do this in my own. I am sure you will be happy with your choice.

Well, the paperwork and everything went through in about 2 weeks and everything was super smooth.

The only issue is that because of the February 29 time/date issue, they're not shipping out any new pumps until they are 100% sure it's resolved, and my account manager didn't know when that would be.

Glad they're fixing the issue, but SO FRUSTRATED that I'm going to have to buy another box of infusion sets from Medtronic.

Grrr. . .

The ping is on shipping hold right now, but my process went easy, no problems what so ever and with me changing insurnce 4/1 they got me the earlier model 2020 util ping starts shipping. I love the meter remote features an the fact the ping is water proof for 12ft for 24 hours. /Dont have to worry about a push in the pool with the ping. Animas I can say is taking care of me well.