Getting animal insulin from canada or uk

im looking for help on the acquisition of animal insulin from either canada or uk. can it be shipped safely? is it hard to get a diabetes dr to write letter for patient. how does a diabetic prove he is in the 10% group - being vulnerable to hypoglycemic reactions.

If you’re in the U.S., you can easily purchase animal-sourced (porcine) insulin online, and without a prescription (its an over-the-counter product) from a Canadian pharmacy that sells online. One that sells to U.S. consumers is and no note from a doctor even specifying you’re among the 10% who cannot use biosynthetic insulin safely is needed, as its over-the-counter in Canada. The product brand name to search for is Hypurin R or Hypurin N. Hypurin is the brand made by Wockhardt, the UK subsidiary of the Indian pharmaceutical company that was formerly known as CP Pharmaceuticals. Thanks to unfavorable exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and the UK Sterling, its pricey. Others have found success buying from Argentinian sources. The manufacturer there is Laboratorios Beta, although the company does not sell to consumers directly.

Thanks so much for posting this current information, Scott. Eventually all my web searches for where to purchase Hypurin Porcine led… you guessed it. Right here.

What’s the difference between animal insulin and manufactured insulin? (Besides the really obvious stuff.)

Warm weather may make it hard to ship.


animal insulin though no longer manufactured in the us lasts longer than genetic insulin(humulin). its better for treating diabetics vulnerable to low blood sugars without detection. daniel goichman, diabetic since 1972.

So do you use it for long-acting or short-acting or both? And how long does it last? I had a doctor tell me that my lantus lasted for 4 days.

And I’m incredibly vulnerable to low blood sugars (although that’s my fault, instead of being the fault of the insulin). How are you vulnerable to low blood sugars?

I recall , when I changed from beef and pork to Lispro/EliLily insulin ( 1996 ?) , that I required just a little less insulin daily to avoid the lows you are describing .
Would this Health Canada link be helpful to you ?? did I type it in correctly ( still computer unsavvy ;-( )

animal insulin makes it easier to detect hypoglycemia. its in the article from dcct trials. anyway i have always suffered from low blood sugars and my doctor wont prescribe for me animal insulin. they think the only way to treat diabetes is the genetic forms of insulin. i have never had a problem absorbing animal insulin. all i need is a dr who will write me a letter saying it is medically necessary for me to get this insulin and then my insurance company will pay for it. havent found a dr who will do this. i live in boston, massachusetts. can anyone help>?

Synthetic insulin has a higher profit margin than animal insulins, that’s why you don’t see it anymore. There isn’t much of a difference between pork,only a single amino acid is different

My Sister-n-law told me about her long-since ex-husband; he was a body builder and took insulin presumably to build more mass. After taking insulin for a while when he tried to stop his pancreas no-longer produced insulin. I don't know the science behind this but from what I understand the bad decision spawned by his excessive ego gave him the same disease that most of us would give our left $#% to be rid of.

I could never understand how injecting insulin would create more body mass. I mean you have to eat sugar otherwise crash and well why not just eat sugar and let your pancreas do the rest.

Humulin R and Humulin N are deregulated in the US. You can buy them with no prescription in any pharmacy in the US. Animal insulins were deregulated too in the 90's but alas they are not made anymore.

I suggest you walk into an internal med doctor and tell him that you have sensitivity to recombinant DNA insulin and you would like him to write you a script for Porcine insulin. I doubt he would say no.

I was glad to go off Pork insulin because it made pork smell and taste awful.
I couldn't bare to smell bacon for years. Then magically after I switched, It began to smell good to me again, I pretty much don't eat pork anyway, but at least it doesn't irritate me like it used to.

I never tried beef insulin, so I don't know if that would put me off hamburgers or not. I suppose it is possible though.

More insulin = more fuel storage in shorter period of time. Also a none PWD has the ability to counter regulate excessive insulin so the impact of some extra insulin is not Hypoglycemia. Packing more sugar into the liver and body, and being able to burn it faster equals ,bigger, faster, and stronger longer.

I don't believe there is plastic in insulin. There are preservatives, that make that smell. but they put that into animal insulins too.

Recombinant DNA insulins are made by altering the DNA of a bacterium, which causes it to make insulin instead of what it normally made. Then the cell debris is removed and VOILA ! insulin !

It is 100% human insulin and it can not be distinguished from the real thing. Unless its altered like lispro or glargine.

I know that there are many people who are allergic to the preservatives though.

Back when I was first diagnosed they started removing C-PEPTIDE from animal insulin. They started calling it "purified" I think if there is a complications prevention factor it is likely to be C-peptide.

There was a study in Brittan that followed diabetic mice who got C-peptide and ones that did not, and the ones that got it had remarkably fewer complications.

I wonder if it is removed in the insulins that you can still get.
I know that C-peptide is not avail in any country by itself although it should be as easy to make as insulin.

In addition to taking insulin, it seems likely he was shooting muscle-building steroid-type compounds that (in very high doses for long periods) are known to cause diabetes.

Wikipedia article on Steroid Diabetes