I'm back

I broke my ankle on Jan 23 because one of the bp meds I was on cause my heart rate to go down too low and I passed out. I went to the emergency room the next morning and had surgery on my ankle on Jan 26. So now I'm in one of those fracture boots and using a walker.

That doesn't sound at all fun. Hope you heal quickly.

Glad to hear you are back Sarina. Sorry to hear that its with a boot and walker.

Welcome back Sarina. So sorry to hear that you had to go through all that pain. Did you manage to get your BP back on track?

Hi, Thanks for the comments. My healing is going well and I'm thinking of ways to carry food using my walker. I think I'm getting a workout using this walker.
Thank you Peetie my BP is alot better.

I am still dependent on using a two wheeled walker. I can't drive and I have a wheelchair but I can't use it because my house has two steps to get outside. How do I go grocery shopping and carry bags home with a walker? I really don't have anybody to help. My mom doesn't really know how to help or she only wants to do it her own way. My sister works and doesn't get home until late. If I give my mom my card to shop with she forgets the pin number. Then she calls me and when I tell her what it is she repeats it out loud so everybody can hear. I have written it down for her.. She took me with her once but acted like it was too much for her to push me in the wheel chair she found for me. I know they have electric scooters. But I'm afraid or unsure of using them because of my vision. I'm just rambling on here. Anyway I go to the ortropedic surgeon on Thurs. I am on my second week of physical therapy. I have lost between 5 to 7 lbs because I can't carry food with the walker. Oh well.