3 months ago i broke my foot when i fell. i also fractured my left ankle.
the night before, i filled my pump but forgot to attatch it. when i woke up with sugars in the 500s and and no sense of balance, i just fell over crooked and smacked 5 matatarsals in my left foot.

i am healing, very very slowly; but thats not what worries me; i have bad neuropathy on the top of my foot (not on the bottom) and it is not painful, as it is completely numb. i am freaking out. its been 3 months so far, and an expected 8-10 more weeks before i am out of my cast (the 3rd one) and ready for physical therapy.

is there anyone with a story? anyone with any encouragement? i hate D and am so freaking out.
thanks, daisy mae

daisy, wow, nightmare! its hard to be stuck in limbo like that, waiting to get out of a cast to move on to rehab/physical therapy! i know you are a big nyc walker, i remember you saying you walk all over. being stuck immobile is awful.
are you able to go to work/have you got things to do? park by the house now that the weather is a bit nicer so you can at least get some fresh air? are you able to do other physical activities that will keep you moving? upper body weights n things?
i sprained my foot last year and was out of action for four weeks on crutches-biggest pain ever, everything takes ages and a day to get done! sorry to hear youve got to deal with this another couple of months! try to keep your patience and hopefully it will go quicker than you think. keep us updated and let us know if you think of any projects you start.

I have a story for you. Last May I fell at home in kind of a freak accident, no fault of diabetes. I broke the tibial plateau on my right leg. A minimal compression. No surgery or pins needed, just eight weeks of no weight bearing on crutches. I went through the eight weeks on crutches, then weaned myself down to a cane, did about 20 sessions of physical therapy. I finally got back to being able to walk around the beginning of September. With all that, something in my knee was never quit right. I told the doctor about it but he said the fracture had healed and there was nothing structurally wrong with my knee. Okay. Well, on October 9th, I was walking from my car to the office headed in to work. My knee gave out from under me and down I went, hip first, on the black top. I cracked my femoral neck and spent four more months on crutches. I’ve been on a cane since the end of January. I did not have my hip replaced when I fell the second time because, again, it was a minimal fracture–just a crack that would heal on its own–no need for surgery. It was supposed to be another 8 weeks on crutches but it ended up being four months. The reason for the slow healing? Diabetes, of course!

I have some neuropathy too in my feet. I feel like it has gotten worse in my right foot with all thats happened on that side. I used to like to walk too. It was the best way for me to exercise and keep my circulation going. I plan to look into a treadmill so I can hold on while I walk. I’m scheduled to see a knee surgeon next Monday to see what’s still wrong in my knee. He better not tell me there’s nothing wrong because I have the broken hip to prove it. My hip is better, not 100 percent but there’s still healing going on. There is still something wrong in my knee because I still have pain and loss of full extension which never got resolved.

In all this time, I still worked except for five weeks in the fall from the broken hip. I had some simple exercises to do at home while sitting in a chair. It has been a long a difficult time. I can sympathize with you. I hope I NEVER have to be on crutches again.

so as i am coming up to 4 months on crutches my upper body is muscled and defined like a body builder, but my leg, especially, has atrophied freakishly.i have put runners socks (4 in all, doubling one sock over the other on each crutch)on the armpit area of the darned crutch.

before each week that i go in for Xrays and seeing my surgeon i am dreading every
nightmare senario, like finding out i will have my foot amputated. yet, now that i have been reading this site, i am realizing that i am not so alone with this neurophathy. not that that is any great existance. UGH