Getting Flu Shot?

Has anyone gotten a flu shot while on the Omnipod ?

Did you need to adjust basal rates like when you are sick or was it just a non-event (I hope)?

We are coming up on our one year anniversary with T1 D. My sixteen year old son had just gotten his flu shot this time last year which seemed to put him over the edge into full blown diabetes. We had blood work done with a physical early in the Summer which indicated that his BG was slightly elevated (but not outrageous) then and that also gave us a weight benchmark to compare. I remember that his acne was horrible all summer and he had paintball bruises that just would not heal, but this did not really make us think "diabetes". Luckily, the constant urination and weight loss did scream "diabetes" and got us out of our denial before he had a trip to the hospital.

I’ve never really had to adjust for the flu shot. Sometimes the shot makes me feel ill for a day or so in which case my eating patterns change but my basals have remained constant.

I have had a flu shot for all 6 years that I have been a Podster, The typical pattern for me is a small spike in bg the day of the shot, but then by day 2 everything is back to normal. so no need for basal adjustments…etc… Good luck and PEACE

Getting one Oct 2nd. I was a bit bummed that the entire family can do the “Flu Mist” and I have to do the shot because of the Diabetes. That’s interesting …

Every time I’ve had a flu shot, it seems to put my T1D into remission for a short time. I don’t know why and neither my endocrinologist or CDE have any clue why.

However, to answer your question, I wouldn’t worry about adjusting basal rates (unless you see a reaction) as it is normally a non-event.

I haven’t seen any reaction to a flu shot, but a pneumonia vacination sent me high. My GP denied that it had anything to do with my high glucose levels, but I don’t believe him. About 3 1/2 years ago I was hospitalized with pneumonia and BG over 1200. I believe the high BG and pneumonia are related.

I suppose I’m the oddball here, but yes, I run tremendously high for 2-3 days after a flu shot - regular or H1N1. I just monitor carefully and take extra insulin as necessary, but a temp basal would be fine if you noticed it was out of line with his normal control.