Getting lows after eating

My BG was 84 before dinner after 2 hours it was 67 . I had 35 carbs and bolus 3.50 units My I:C is 10 what am I doing wrong help please.

I use the ping

DMurray ,
Is this happening after every meal you eat …the " getting lows" ? How did you arrive at your carb ratio for your dinner /other meals ? Too much insulin for the amount of carbs ? Were you exercising during the day ? Do you use dual wave/square wave bolusses , what type of meal ie some fat included ? …too many questions,; maybe you can give us more information …unless someone else out there has more sophisticated ideas :slight_smile:

Maybe you still had some active insulin from a previous bolus/injection. When was the last time you injected for a meal or snack?

It happeneds sometimes and i don’t no why I am counting my carbs right. no exercising today. No fat in my meal the total carbs were 35. square bolus, Chicken rice salad Broc

It happenend a few times . I’ m still new to this , They say I’m still in my honeymoon stage and still trying to ajust my pump settings

It could be simply from the honeymoon stage, also. Another thing it might be…subtract fiber out of the carbs. If you had brown rice, there is some fiber in there. I know it’s frustrating. Hang in there. :slight_smile:

It was lunch time

Thanks I will look into that I.m still a rookie

Thanks Christine

I have found if I’m low before I eat and i boulus for all the carbs I end up low after.Maybe this was the issue?

are you pumping? personally, I have 2 or 3 carb ratio’s during the day

The obvious answer is that you are taking too much insulin. The trick is figuring out why that is happening. Could be carb ratio, could be insulin sensitivity.

As nel asked, is this a single occurrence or a repeated one? If single, then just back off your dose a bit. I see you are recently diagnosed, so there may be a “honeymoon period” coming into play a bit

Take a breath, be conservative. A 67 is really not “that” low and honestly we just sometime need to correct things. That is why we test


Essentially your bolus should have put you right back at 84…that’s the goal. Is this your target bg after meals? You could aim a little higher and blous about 3.3 or 3.2 to bring it up a little more. There’s just so many variables. It’s good you are trying to figure out what happened, unfortunately there are times we can do everything the same two days in a row and not get the same results. That’s the frustrating part of D.

I meant to say…right back “around” 84. Getting the exact same one is pretty dern hard. :slight_smile:

Could just be the honeymoon thing. I haven’t been there for 25 years or so, so I cannot comment on that.
Definitely check the fiber thing. That can really mess your carb counting up.

If I were to eat what you ate and my bg was 84 at the start, I would eat some rice first, then the broccoli and chicken in no particular order. I either eat my veggies first or last depending on starting bg. Same with carbs. Either first or last. I was having a lot of lows in the middle of a meal or shortly after. I am really sensitive to insullin.

Also, when it is hotter out, I need a lot less insulin. If you take alergy medicine that raises your bg, when you stop it, your bg will go down for a few days until your system gets into equilibrium.

That might work I’ll try it. It’s always something. Thanks again .

Could be you need a higher carb ratio at dinner than you do the rest of the day.

Could be the glycemic index of the food you ate.

Could be you miscalculated the carbs in some way.

I’d be curious to know, if this happens frequently, what your BG was ONE hour after you ate.


Ok I’ll take a breath .I’m Months into this and trying to find out how things work .

Thanks I.ll relax a bit

good, we’re here for you. Ask all the questions you have. It is a bit of a learning curve, but people have been doing this successfully for decades. Let us help you… we want to. It’s not easy, but it is doable. You’ve taken a great, courageous step, that not all are able to do, by asking for help. You are a member of our family now. You’ll learn a great from us. And, most important, you will someday pass one what you’ve learned to someone else. It only takes helping one person to make this a different world

Ok I’ll try that

I will try a higher carb meal to see what happeneds and check it a hour after , I will let you know what happend ok