Getting my pump!

So…I’m getting my One touch ping green pump very soon. I would like to know the process that one would take after getting the device…what happens?? Can yall fill me in?


Everyone seems to have a different process, depending on whether your doctor’s office is involved (mine wasn’t) or just Animas. For me, when they shipped they gave me a number to call when I received my pump for my trainer, so she and I could set up a time for her to come to my house. We met one day and she demonstrated how to put in infusion sets then I started on saline. I played with the pump and did some settings while I was on saline and then she came 3 days later and started me on insulin. Some people don’t want to do the saline first but I really liked it because it gave me a chance to experiment with things without the pressure of giving myself actual insulin by doing so!

Unlike Zoe, I was trained by my CDE at my doctor’s office, with some input from my Animas representative. I had tried saline before I ordered my pump. We put the Animas pump on over one weekend for me to play with it. If I liked the Animas one, I could order it. If not, we would try saline with the Minimed pump and see how I liked it. I fell in love with the Animas pump. As soon as I received it, I made an appointment with my doctor’s CDE and she trained me, let me run with it a little bit and then I had a follow-up appointment three or four days later. Also, they worked with me as I was reducing my basal rate from that which I used on shots and then that I use on the pump. There is a learning curve and adjustments to be made at first. I’m fortunate enough to have a very active CDE as well as a great Animas representative I can call on if I need to. Good luck with your pump start.

My experience was similar to Zoe where my doctor’s office didn’t do any training. It was all done by an Animas nurse CDE. The one thing I would recommend is to download the Animas pumping workbook and go through the entire thing doing all the exercises before your training. It was well worth the time spent and gives you all the basics of what you will be doing. Here’s the link to download it:

Best of luck with your pumping!

I totally agree with Phil. Go through the manual a few times before you get your pump. You won’t remember everything, but it won’t all be brand new either, and you’ll be familiar with the terminology, etc.

I was trained by the CDE at my endo’s office like Carman. I was on saline for a week before starting insulin. I hated that I had to wait, but now I’m glad I had a chance to play with everything without risk (though a week was a bit long). We were in contact a lot the first few months. Now I just email them when I make changes so they have a record of it.

Mine is a pink ping, love it!!! Don’t be discouraged in the beginning, there is a learning curve. You’ll love the diasend software too.

I am happy that you are getting the Animas Ping. I love mine, and it was a changing experience the minute I was hooked up to the pump.

I had a wonderful beginning experience. The CDE from Animas called me the day the pump was delivered. He wanted me to unpack the box and begin using the pump meter right away. He also encouraged me to power up the pump to see that it worked properly, although I had no idea if it was working right or just making a lot of noise. He told me to read the manual and watch the DVD that was included in the kit, and do that several times. He also recommended that I complete the workbook exercises. He set up my pump training time at my endo’s CDE office so that she would get in on my training as well. I used my meter for about three weeks before being trained to use the pump. I also downloaded the Diasend software to my laptop computer.

When the day came, I brought the pump, the meter, the dongle and cable for downloading the pump to the Diasend software, an infusion set, a vial, insulin and some alcohol swabs to the training. The two CDEs figured out how to set up the pump based upon my target wishes and the numbers stored in the pump meter. Then Animas CDE then went through the pump with me, we loaded a cartridge vial, put in an infusion set, and I was pumping. The training was concise and complete, yet not overwhelming. When I left the CDE’s office three hours after coming in, I was pumping!

I still think it strange not to have to take a shot. The freedom is wonderful. I don’t know how I got along with out it, and have had no trouble with infusion sites or tubing kinks.

Sometimes, it’s good to be a diabetic.

This was awesome!!! Sometimes I feel like that too,and then you hear people who like hate their diabetes and stuff! but thanks for take on things it helped me alot! I believe my training will go a bit diff because I got my pump for free!my endo asked them to donate it and they said yes.=)

I had been pumping for so long (on different pumps) that I just programmed it and hooked it up. I had my CDE check me off so that they could sign legally that I was officially trained but they knew I was hooking up. If you have noot been on the pump I would wait for the official training and just play around with it when you get it with the manual.

Good luck. I love my ping

Each of us has a story:
Mine was three days of saline with MDI by endo’s office
Then went live with insulin with
30 days of Animas clinical manager communicating with me daily - computer downloads, email and telephone.
Then back to the office for two months, then
two hour sit down in my home with Animas clinical manager and my laptop with Animas software, etc.
Have been flying for three years now with three time per year visits to my endo.