Just received my pump this morning!

Well I just received my pump this morning and am so excited to get started. I was told that a rep will contact me tomorrow about training. I am just wondering what I should expect from this and how long people have actually had to wait before starting to use thier pumps.

Congratulations, Derrick! From what I’ve heard on here, training and getting started seem to really vary, as does time to actually get the pumps. For me I was told to contact the trainer as soon as my pump arrived and when I did we chose two dates for her to come to my house, 5 days apart the first one in a few days from when we spoke. I was put on saline for five days and told to use that time to get acquainted with the pump settings and then insulin the second meeting. Some people on here scoff about the “need” to go on saline first but I actually liked it because it gave me a chance to get comfortable with the pump before it becoming more crucial with insulin in it.

That’s my experience, but I’ve heard people that have had to wait weeks, or go to some kind of classes, etc.

I would use the time before you get started to read the manual. It’s very long but has lots of basics that will be useful when you actually start using the pump. I found that I had to push my trainer a bit to focus on the things I needed help with and not waste time with things I was fine with already.

I was trained by the CDE at my endo’s office. I had to wait to actually have the pump in my hot little hands before I could make a app’t., which took a week. I also started on saline for 7 days.

My dr let me train n then it was done some do a saline week to start off but I went right on insulin. I think it has to do with your trainer n doctor.

I received my pump today. I have been excited all week to get it, as I had no clue that my insurance company would change their mind and approve its use. I received a call on Monday of this week telling me the pump was approved and asking my colour preference. They set up delivery for today. The trainer called me today and asked that I immediately begin using the meter and to power up the pump. My training is scheduled for three weeks from now and will be at my endo’s office with my CDE. There will be another person training as well. I was told to bring insulin, as I will be put on insulin right away.

I haven’t been this excited about getting something for a very long time.

Mine set in the box on the floor of my room for three weeks before I had pump training… Congrats and get on the phone with your Educator and get that appointment set up!

Well luckily I am getting trained this coming Friday…so my last night of taking Lantus will be this Wednesday night. I am so excited and just can’t wait.
Thanks for the replies

Very excited for you guys starting on the pump. It’s such a huge difference and it’s really a wonderful tool. Good luck to both of you.

well I got trained on my pump today and now we shall see how this works for me… very excited!!!

Funny what us PWD get excited about Huh? A device that infuses insulin? Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Last pump I got was like Christmas morning!

expect it to take a while to get your settings right but it is exciting isn’t it?

Congrats ! I’m excited for you, keep us posted on the journey,

How is it going with you two? Just thinking about you guys. My Endo’s office actually has Animas folks working there once a week and that is who I see now to finetune my mess. Love Animas. They are great.

I love their service too Sandy. Mess? Hope you’re gradually getting everything figured out! How do you like it so far?

I’ve been on the Ping for about 3years now and just changed over to a new one under waranty. My st deviation went from over 100 to the 60s. My RN that is working with me was jumping for joy vs a week ago wanting to take me off the pump. So it’s getting much better. This week not so good but still in the right direction. I know this is a pump with the tubes but I really have to say I have tried every company that makes pumps and Animas by FAR has the best best customer service. Disetronic which is no longer around was like this and I had 3 of their models too.

I was really concerned about the tubing, but you end up not even thinking about it.

Great on the SD! I think it’s almost more important that BG average. Keep up the good work!

I am spending my first hours on the pump. I was absolutely amazed at the training that I received in such a short period of time. It was concise, complete and a no-nonsense training. The pump representative from Animas did the presentation. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, to become accustomed to not taking shots.

Congrats! Happy pumping…

Congrats on the start of your journey! It’s a huge, life-changing piece of equipment. Don’t get frustrated with the learning curve!

hi, i just started on the pump too, the thing that has been the hardest for me is making sure the cannula is in straight. 2x i didnt put it in correctly and my bs were crazy but im getting used to it now. now i am spoiled! i love not taking shots. I feel funny when i go to bed like im forgetting something. im so used to doing all my shots. i love it!