Getting new tandem pump soon


@meee. A g5 pump can always be upgraded to a G6 pump with a new R.x. It is unknown what cost will be associated with that upgrade since it is currently free. It’s a 5 minutes upgrade on the internet with your pump attached to a computer


I asked the tandem rep today about that and she said the upgrade would not be available to me because I am not on medicare. Anyway I will be forced to use the g6 eventually so it makes more sense to get the g6 pump even if I don’t use any of the new features until Dex forces me to switch. Since I used to use my sensors for much longer I have alot of g5 sensors to use. I read read a few complaints about problems with the G6 sensors. I have huge problems with dex accuracy so I’m wondering if this is going to be even worse.


Would you be able to elaborate?
Perhaps I am misunderstanding.


I have not been feeling well and was just going to work so I dont remember exactly, but she definitely said if I were to get a g5 pump I would not be able to upgrade to the G6 software and I think she said medicare was the reason, I don’t know if this is true or not.


No - That does not make sense.


@meee Medicare has stated that they will be covering the G6 in the 1st half of 2019. I assume they are working out the financials with Dexcom prior to rollout.

Medicare may not cover it yet, but they will in early 2019. The rep didn’t tell you the big picture view.

The software upgrade is a download that your Dr authorized with a new Rx. Then you have ~45 min online training before it can be enabled according to what I have heard and read.


She did tell me that. But she said a g5 pump would not be able to upgrade to g6 if you are not on medicare.


Either there is confusion on what is being said or the sales rep is simply misinformed.

This is quite simply not accurate.


No confusion.


Ok. I hope it all works out for you.


I ordered a G5 Tandem less than a year ago DIRECTLY from Tandem not a warehouse. The rep who trained me on the G5 said with confidence that I would be eligible for a G6 upgrade within the next few months. When I called to ask about this upgrade, I was told I would be ineligible for the upgrade because I am on a PPO Medicare health plan. I cannot seem to get a straight answer on this issue. The same thing happened with the supposed Dex 6 upgrade I was told I would get. I’d like to add, though, that I am not excited about changing to the Dex 6 because I have had very good accuracy with the Dex 5 and I can get many more days of continued wear with the Dex 5.


Thanks. Seems to agree with what she told me in part. I think I will just get the g6 pump since we are going to be forced to use the g6 soon anyway. I can still use it with g5 but not with the shut off feature or dex on pum screen feature which I may not use anyway.


@Donna10 I am going out on a limb here, but I think the issue is Medicare. As yet it does not cover the required Dex G6 (coming early 2019) needed for the Basal-IQ upgrade to work. I have to believe that once Dexcom and Medicare come to financial terms and start migrating G5 users to G6s that the pump update will be possible.


I have to get a new pump anyway so it makes sense for me to get the g6 since I will have to use it soon anyway. I imagine they will force that change when it is available for medicare patients. Which is in the spring. I dont wnt to deal with upgrades I was never allowed to do them for one reason or another or they didnt work. I remeber my cde saying she could do it in her computer for me once but it turnd out she was wrong😹


Yes I will just get the g6, i will hav to use g6 dex soon so why bother with this headache of upgrades and red tape etc.


I have upgraded my X2 twice now (first for G5 integration, second for G6/Basal-IQ). Went about as easy as possible.


That is great. I have never been able to upgrade anything although cde tried lol.


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