New here! Hi! (T Slim user & Question)

Hi all! I’m new here. I fell down a worm hole after receiving an email from Tandem about new software for G6 integration. I’m currently using an X2 with a G5. After seeing the G6 has a 10 day hard cutoff and finding out about xdrip I landed here.

I’ve been type 1 for 30 years and on a pump for about 10 now. I cant stand my Tandem pump but that’s another topic in itself. I’ve used Medtronic, animas, and a Cosmo (my favorite), as well as this x2.

I teach middle school technology and in my free time I like to ride motorcycles. I sell real estate as a side gig to be able to afford my pump supplies and insulin.

Glad to be here and I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and learning some new things.

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Are you happy with the tslim/dexcom, besides the tubing? I love the dexcom and looking for a different pump. I’ve only had pumps from Medtronic and not interested in continuing with them but was interested in tslim/dexcom. My pump warranty is up in December.


Absolutely not. Dexcom is good but Tandem, not so much. I will not be considering them in the future. Looks like it will be back to Medtronic next time.

I have been with Medtronic as long as I have had a pump, I guess about 20 years. Only had a CGM for 6 months and like the Dexcom G5 (for me more accurate than Libre which I tried for two months but not as accurate as I would like). I will be looking for a new pump/CGM combination once my pump is off warranty. So interested the the different possibilities.

Don’t mind the tubing so would not go to Omnipod for that reason alone. I guess I like Medtronic but do not want to lose control to the new metronic pump. Please keep talking about this. Must be a lot of interest out there.

Just curious - what don’t you like about Tandem. I’m an Animas orphan and will need to find a new pump company in a couple of years?

I’d be interested to know what you don’t like about Tandem. I’m currently on a clinical trial with Medtronic 670G pump and if you like entering a lot of BG test results, you will like the 670. Fortunately the sensor is a lot better than it used to be.