Getting new tandem pump soon

Tandem called and started the process for me to get the new pump soon. Since I prolly won’t be using the pump for dex readings since I can’t have both pump and transmitter connected, and since I cannot use the new system that shuts the insulin off if you’re low because dexcom is frequently so inaccurate for me I’m wondering what the benefits will be? Are there other any other benefits to the new pump? I have an old phone so I can’t use that either, I hated dex on my ipad and turned it off soon after trying it.

I prefer the receiver on my waist where I can quickly look at it.

Good for you. Your diabetes educator can help you with setting it up.

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@meee - I assume you meant that you can not have the Tandem Pump and the Dexcom Receiver both connected at the same time to the Dexcom G5 or G6. That would be correct.

If you choose to use the Tandem Pump for your Dexcom G6 cgm readings instead of the Dexcom Receiver it would still be your choice whether to run with the Tandem Basal-IQ algorithm enabled or not. It is perfectly fine to have the Tandem display the G6 cgm readings while not having the Basal-IQ algorithm enabled.

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Yes I meant though that I prefer the receiver because if my pump fails then I have no dex info etc. But I would like to try it on the pump too. Are you saying that It only works with the g6? I was asked if I wanted to switch to that but I haven’t for now, I wonder when we are going to be forced to do that.

She did say I can turn off that algorhythm and just use it with or without dex readings on pump. I guess if I like it on the pump I can still carry my receiver in case of failure. But will it be easy to swicth to the receiver and how will I get alerts, not on the pump I assume? I forgot what she said about that.

@meee I read in the earnings report that all new Tandem Rx’s were being shipped G6/Basal-IQ enabled pumps as of late October 18. There might still be a chance of requesting a G5 pump if you work directly from Tandem and not a 3rd party supplier.


I think she said it would work with either one. I will have to ask again when she gets back to me.

@meee I do know that the basal-iq and cgm can be turned off on the T-Slim. I have the G5 T-Slim and am very happy with it. Workimg on upgrading to the Basal-IQ, I have yet to hear of a user that has turned this feature off, and most are singing it’s praises. IMHO, the only thing better is the Loop systems which is a homebrew DIY rig.


Dexcom is often 50-100 points off for me and I go into dka easily so I would not want my insulin shut off if I weren’t really low. If they are going to phase out g5 what happens if your pump only works with g5? She said it would work with either one.

The G5 will be supported until all devices that are able to utilize it such as the TSlimx2 are out of warranty. FYI, Dexcom is already working on Gen2 of the G6 and the sensor being developed with Google (Verly Life Sciences) is still being worked on.

If you haven’t already, you might try a different location for your sensor. I get very different values when placed on my belly than when i wear on my thighs. Also hydration plays a HUGE part in Dexcom accuracy. I am sure you already knew that, but just in case. :slight_smile:

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No. It will not.

You can call Tandem Technical Support and ask directly.

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Agreed. That would seem reasonable.

Let me know if the singing is not loud enough and I can add to the chorus.

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This was talked about at the TCOYD conference I attended this weekend. Someone said what you are saying, that the sensors are not as accurate as she wanted and was afraid of lows due to her sensitivity. And boy, did I understand her. I was also in the place. I checked my blood for every dosing instead of trusting my CGM. But after talking with many people and a few different doctors, I have come to realize that I need to release some of my control.
And I have finally started dosing off my sensor without testing and have yet to run into a problem. My correction numbers are 1:100 so I am pretty sensitive. And the reality with blood testing meters, they are not all that accurate either and we trust them. Why? I can get two completely different number on my Contour meter using the same drop of blood.
And my thinking now is, if I or the sensor are off, using these newer pumps, it will turn off. With each new advancement, I have had to let go a little. And I must say, it is liberating! I am getting my new Tandem next month and have my G6 waiting to hook up. And for the first time since getting my Dexcom, I won’t have to keep checking it. The pump will make adjustments for me. All that thinking off my plate. It will turn off the insulin to prevent, I can’t believe I am saying that, to prevent a low. Just think lows cut more than in half! My family can’t wait.
I have talked with a few who are currently using it and they love it. I mean, they love it. And many here online also love it. So for me after 48 years of this, I am so ready to give up some control. And with all the new pumps coming, it will get easier and easier and I can finally start using all that brain power for something besides diabetes.
So I say, go for it. And if it doesn’t work, you can turn it off, just like many have done with the 670g. Good luck with your choice!

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She called me, I will ask when she calls back again about getting the new pump. . So are you saying I’m going to be forced to switch to G6 because if I get a G 5 pump and g5 dex are going to be phased out then what am I gonna do about my g5 pump which won’t work with g6? Wish they would stop doing stuff like this. It is getting ridiculous.

My suggestion for technical questions regarding the capabilities and limitations of the pump (including integration questions) is to call in to Tandem Technical Support and ask them directly.

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Not a decision based in logic Sally, but it is your decison to make just as it is my decision not to bolus off a device that is frequently 50-100 point off. That would not only be foolish it would also put my life at risk for severe lows and possible dka so I will never do it. If you do 2-3 finger sticks that match symptoms are close to each other when there is a questionable number and dex is way off then you know. Which is why they are ultimatley far more accurate for me.

@meee if there are any G5 pumps out there , they are most likely in the warehouses of 3rd party suppliers. I would think (an may certainly be wrong about it), that if you ordered a pump directly from Tandem today you will get a G6

I have asked them when I spoke to them. Although clearly more discussion will be needed. My comment was about dexcom and tandem etc arranging things so we have idevices which become incompatible forcing us to switch to the new product or just leaving us dangling with no way to switch. Now I’m coming here to ask for more details about actual user experiences.


Any specific questions that I can assist with?

I will ask at the next phone call, clearly I’m going to have to decide on g5 vs g6 before getting the new pump since it will be 4 yesrs before I can get another pump. Looks like I will be for ed to switch to G6 now if I even want to try the new features, I’m not clear on that yet.