Getting ready to add Symlin to my regimen, any advice?

My Endocrinoligist is going to add Symlin to my diabetic regimen in a few weeks. I am excited about it because I was feeling overwhelmed and depressed with my diabetes. This gives my some hope.
I am Vegeterian, and have been eating to many carbs. My post meal readings tend to run High.
Symlin working along with my Insulin pump should help stabilize my after meal glucose levels. My Doctor recomended that I reduce my carbs to under 100 a day, by drinking protien shakes for breakfast and lunch then a eating a regular dinner.
What a challenge for me!

Symlin when used in conjunction with a good diet, exercise, and insulin helps give excellent control. It is tricky though. the timing of when you take it, when you bolus andhow much is as much art as science. it took me months of “trying” before i got it right. Visit the Symlin users forum at this site and read about others’ experience. You’ll find a lot of helpful information there. Good luck!

Thanks David, I will check out the users forum. I appreciate the advice.

Sounds like you’ve got a great endo. I was a vegetarian for decades before being diagnosed. I tried hard to, but there was no way I could eat vegetarian & control my BG. Way too many carbs for me to handle.

Yah, It is really hard to be vegetarian and diabetic that is for sure!!! Not very common I guess. I have been Vegeterian for 5 years and it sure is a challenge! I am going to try the protien shakes and see how it goes. Thanks and take care.

I know:( I don’t eat any grains & get my carbs from low carb veggies. Good thing they’re the ones I like the best.

Are you vegan? If so, pea protein is a good choice. It needs a good bit of flavoring, but it’s a vegan option. I use unsweetened almond milk for shakes. Very low carb & it tastes great. Avoid eating too much soy. Soy isn’t good if you have any thyroid problems & many diabetics do.

You can also add unflavored protein powder to veggie soup for more protein & to thicken it. I get unflavored protein powder & add different flavorings so I won’t get bored of the same old thing.

I think Symlin has the potential to help you quite a bit, but like David said it is tricky to get the routine down at first. Keep in mind that it won’t prevent any of the carbs from hitting your bloodstream. It will delay their impact and slow down the rise when it does inevitably occur and this makes it much easier to control post-prandials once you master the art.

I have a two-part guide to Symlin use on my blog here. It also has a great discussion attached thanks to the members who have contributed with comments and suggestions. You can find part one here. Part two is here.

Costco chocolat flavored isolate whey protein in a glss out milk yummy and inexpensive. Low carb too.

Thanks for the information Jason, I appreciate it!

Thanks, I will have to try that. I got Aria from Kroger this week it has 4 carbs, and 14grams of protein per serving.

Thanks Gerri, those are some really good ideas. I do eat cheese, yogurt, and drink Milk just do not eat meat. So at least I can get some protein from those foods. I will definetly try the protein in the veggie soup.

The pea protein powder I have (NOW brand) has 1 carb per scoop, 28 grams of protein. The NOW unflavored whey isolate protein powder is 1 carb, 25 grams of protein per scoop. The scoops are 1/3 cup. The pea powder does have a slight pea flavor. It doesn’t dissolve as easily as whey powder, but it’s less expensive.

How does milk effect you? I don’t like milk & haven’t had any in 30 years, but the lactose sends some people high.

I seem to do fine with Milk. The Pea protein has alot more protein, and less carbs that is good to know. Thanks so much.
Actually my blood sugar is actually going too low the last few days with the protein added. I may have to decrease my Insulin? I will give it a little more time.

Adding protein shouldn’t send you low, especially because it’s digested quickly. Hmm, interesting.

I probably need to have my carb ratio for my pump adjusted, maybe? My Doctor just changed it the day before I started the protein shakes.

Maybe for the protein shakes since this has happened several times. Ok four hours after the shakes? Some people have really delayed reaction to protein, but this shouldn’t happen with protein powder because it’s so easy to digest & assimilate.

I had to up my doses when I added more protein to my diet to gain weight.