Getting ready to leave for vacation

Tomorrow morning, I leave Sky Harbor Airport to go to Iowa for several celebrations.

1. To celebrate my parents 90th birthday year with a party.

2. 40 year class reunion for Nursing school. How can it already be 40 years. That is unbelievable. And this was to go to a school where they said a Diabetic can be a nurse. LOL I had 2 other schools who refused to admit me to their programs because Diabetics can lead a NORMAL LIFE and NURSING IS NOT A NORMAL LIFE. Of corse what did they know. At least it allowed me to learn and know to learn early what to do to help myself. DID it always work No but at least I managed to get to this point and now have had diabetes for 47 years total. NOT too bad huh. After reading posts from other diabetics, I see that what I have experienced over the years is not atypical from what others have experienced. That makes it all seem so much like I am not doing too bad. I have managed to have sucessful pregnancies with out the use of a pump or glucose monitoring device and raised the girls to become successful adults with children of their own.

3. I am attending the annual reunion for my Grandmother's family that was started in the 30's or 40's. I will get to see cousins who I have not seen for many years. That will be fun.

4. Will get to visit old friends and neighbors where I used to work almost 20 years ago. That will be interesting to see what has changed and if the staff are still there working and how many people that I still can relate to and visit.

I will be traveling with a brand new pump that was just started in May. 2007. Still trying to get used to all of the differences with this device. I would love to have a Continuous Monitoring Device, however that has not been accomplished or approved yet. Still working on getting that completed. Thanks to all of you for your information and also getting to read what you go through. It makes life so much more enjoyable to realize you are not alone. FOR that I am forever greatful. Will talk to you more later.