Today I celebrate 27 years of living with Type 1

It seems not so long ago when I collapsed while on vacation in Florida at my grandparents' condo. I wasn't into the fireworks on the 4th and all I wanted to do was throw up. Finally after falling asleep in a cold shower, my grandmother told me to get dressed so she can take me to the doctor. Next thing I knew I was in the ICU with tubes everywhere. I was 11.

Fast forward. I went on the pump after doing my first 100 mile ride in the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in Death Valley in order to acknowledge my 20 years with diabetes.5 rides later, I'm off again to Vermont to do another century.

I went from 5-6 shots a day and 2 tests per day to my pump and CGMS combo, and reversal of my impending retinopathy.

However, my passion has grown from wanting to keep myself healthy, now wanting to keep others healthy and able to enjoy their lives. In August I will be entering nursing school, with hopes of becoming a Diabetes Educator a few years down the line.

Life has not been easy, but not always because of diabetes, though I've met way too many emergency medical personnel. However, I have learned to thrive with my disease, but would be more than happy to say good-bye. I've jumped out of planes, biked thousands of miles, inked my skin and fallen in and out of love in spite of its existence. But yes, I do celebrate these 27 years. They have kept me passionate and shown me the way to help make my life count and make a difference.

Congrats on 27 years!! You are proof that despite the challenges, you can thrive and continue to set new goals for yourself.

Congrats !!!

Thats an excellent attitude you have about it. That will take you far!

You inspire me and I am 54.(type 1 for 2 years)

Keep on Rockin. KiwiRox …signed your much older Type 1 buddy ( I mean in years ; I will turn 70 in a few weeks …diagnosed Jan 1983 !)

Happy D-anniversary! Wonderful outlook you have. You’ll be a wonderful CDE.

May your wheels keep spinning for many years to come

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are to be admired and respected for being so good to yourself and staying so healthy!

You have reason to be a proud T1D and anyone who gets you as their CDE will live better for it in the years to come!

Go for it, just as you have done for years, I hope others can model your example of not letting this D thing get you down and keep the positive attitude and actions coming.

I started on one shot a day and no BG testing, and now have 40 years of successful management, it is all in the hands of the T1D to manage it and to drive the medical community to be a resource and not an obstacle to success…

U Rock, Ms. KIWI!!! Congratualations!!! YOUR POSITIVITY AND ENTHUSIASM HAS DONE WONDERS FOR YOU !! So glad you want to pass this on to others!!!

God Bless,

Good show!! Congrats!! :slight_smile: