Getting rid of bubbles in syringes - small dose

Is there a good video that demonstrates how to get rid of bubbles from insulin syringes? (especially for low doses - I only use 1 to 1.5 units)

Do I slowly fill and, if necessary, push plunger all the way in and refill, as many times as necessary to get rid of the air bubbles?

well, i would suggest trying to get the bubble to the top so you can only push out the bubble, if that doesnt work, push all the stuff in and refill, until it works. try to pull the plunger slowly. have you ever thought about getting pens? or pen vials, they usually have no air in them so you can just pull out what you need with way less bubble problems.

Ok, this technique is taught by Dr. Bernstein and works for a syringe. With a pen you just need to hold the pen needle up, flick the pen to move bubbles to the top and shoot a unit or two to prime.

To fill a syringe without bubbles and not waste any insulin. Fill syringe with the bolus units of air and insert needle into rubber stopper of vial and inject the air into the vial (Dr. B actually skips this step). Top the syringe and vial vertical so that the vial is upside down. Pull insulin into the syringe pulling more than you need. Flick the syringe to move any bubbles to the top. Then slowly push in the plunger until you reach you desired dose. Remove the syringe, it will contain the desired dose with no bubbles.

ps. If I recall, Dr. B actually suggests pulling the plunger in and out a few times drawing insulin in and out of the syringe to work out any bubbles but I never found it was needed.

pps. The only reason to avoid bubbles is that the displaced volume of the bubbles will cause an error in the dose, the bubbles themselves are harmless.

For penfills I tap the vial/pen and the bubble usually goes to the bottom when I tilt the pen to inject anyway, for syringes the bubble is always at the top so I either push out and draw back in or I push the bubble out before injecting.

Priming also helps with pens to get rid of bubbles I've noticed recently but I usually still have a tiny one there eventually.

I need to be able to dose 1 1/2 units or 1/2 units Novolog. The pens don't have 1/2 units and sometimes dribbles out despite holding it in for a count to 10 or more.

Novo Pen Junior or Novo Pen Echo do have 1/2 units.

I heard somewhere online that you hit the side of the syringe away from the bubbles when they are on the side. It's always worked like a charm for me, get the bubbles to the top and "prime" (pumpism...) them out. It works pretty well with Medtronic reservoirs too!