Getting serious with Diabtes blogging

Hey All!
I am looking to start blogging about my diabetes, and my life seriously. I don’t know how though, so could I get some pointers from anyone?

I have written a few blogs and basically i just speak what’s on my mind. Sometimes i feel that it’s just nonsense and that it would serve no purpose reading, but sometimes it starts a decent discussion or if anything helps get something off of my chest. Alot of the time i read a post that reminds me of something or whatever and I write about it. Just start writing and see what happens.

Just speak how you truly feel…with some degree of respect to your readers, of course. But sincerity seldom go wrong. Will be looking forward for you blogs =)

Just say what you feel, nothing is wrong or right here. This thing is a daily struggle & believe me we are all in the same boat. I do think we can all beat this in time,so hang in there and write down your thoughts!