Hey if anyone could check out my blog that would be really cool!

I just started a diabetes blog. If anyone could have a look and give me feedback I will be eternally grateful!It's HannaThePancreaticallyChallenged.blogspot.ca


Wow! Dx only April 15? That's great that you are so engaged with diabetes in such a short time! Very nice blog and I'm interested in your story *however* I am a "message board" person rather than a blog person?

Thanks for the reply. and what do you mean by message board?

Good job. As an old typographer, however, I'd make the title a couple of sizes smaller so the "d" fits on the same line as the rest of the title. Seriously, I love your attitude.

Ive done that already!!!! gagh it keeps going back!

This is a message board we are talking on. I'm the same; don't read blogs, sorry!

fair enough lol

and thank you very much

I say blog away. I did a blog the second year after my diagnosis. It went on for a year and was really cathartic and helpful in dealing with my new disease. However, after blogging for a year, I got to feeling like it was more of a responsibility than a release and pleasure... so I stopped. Recently I looked back on something I had written and I found it really interesting to see how I was feeling then versus now. In any event, blogging can be fun and like here, you will come to meet other bloggers in blogland. I hope you get everything out of it you are looking for!

Thank you very much. I think my goal behind it is for anyone who is newly diagnosed to find information and resources all in one place. It took me weeks of research find and watch all that stuff and I think that it would be great for anyone who is in the same situation that I was, to be able to get it all much quicker.

Hi Hanna....welcome to the forum.

The internet is packed full of good and bad information. In the old days people just learned how to manage by trial and error...I spent the first 15 years in the dark, even at the Doctors office I never talked with another T1D for almost 20 years. Many Type ones where treated just like pregnant high school girls at that time, hidden from the public eye...and many company's would not give you a chance to prove yourself...the public only had exposure to the bad side of the "Bete's". You can do almost anything today and the tools, insulin, and information you have access to are much better even though we sometimes complain about it.

Never stick your head in the sand...continue to chase your dreams...;-)

I was "in the dark" until 2008, just did things on my own, did ok (apparently...) but was utterly clueless about what I could do. The thing I prefer about message boards goes back to fantasy baseball. If someone writes a blog "#25 suxx and uses 'roids" it's one-sided and may leave out considerations of value or utility that wouldn't appear in an anti-roid diatribe? The same thing goes on a message board. Tu wasn't the first one I hung out on but, when I decided to get a pump, I looked up diabetes message boards and found tons of information and, if you don't understand something or have questions, you can ask. Sometimes, a huge "flamewar" (and the flames @ Tu are mostly self-moderated and don't get "Tu" hot...) may erupt T1 vs. T2 or carbs vs. low carbs or blues vs. greens or whatever but the thesis-antithesis can be useful in forming your own synthesis to learn things?

Thanks! :)

To both of you

Hi Hanna, nice blog. I am from India, type2. I used to blog a while back but not been doing for sometime now. I would say, do whatever makes you feel good - a happy person is a healthy person. Cheers, Sai!!!

thank you sai!