Getting the hang of it!

So getting use to it. I know I still new at this whole pod insulin pump. I need work on getting my sugar levels right and the basil right but I am happy that I made the choice I made. It feels good not to take four shots a day. I test more but that is ok.I had them on my back so I switched and put it on my leg! My pod area looks like a red burn mark. I ordered some skin barrier wipes today so I hope that might work on the red rash and it if dont I am going to use Tegaderm! I am very grateful that I have found this site and that everyone is so nice and caring and helps everyone out with advice with diabetes. I am truly happy!

I'm glad yo hear you are enjoying your pod! I found the additional data the pump compiled for me to be extremely helpful and much more reliable than me scribbling stuff on little pieces of paper.

I know a few people just posted recently in the Omnipod group about having issues with the pod giving them a rash as well. They tried just washing the area with warm water and soap prior to putting on the pods and they no longer have skin issues. I don't have any personal experience w/ this, but if the skin barrier prep wipes also leave you w/ a rash, you could try the soapy water trick as well?
Glad you're liking the pump (and this site) so far!