Getting up during the night

i always thought that i was nearing towards DKA, as i would get up every night to P around three or four times; but it wasnt the case. no keytones. but still, i would get up. it was exactly how i was before i was dx. is this familiar to anyone? my endo always asks me how often i get up to go to the bathroom. i tell him, but then he doesnt seem to be so concerned. he did send me to a urologist, but after a battery of (uncomfortable) tests, they found nothing other than i had a bladder the size of a pea.

has anyone overcome this problem?

Very rarely, thank goodness! when you need to get up so often is your blood sugar on the high side?

thats the thing, Zoe; my sugars are excellent. no DP, nothing above 120. no clue.
i always have a cup of tea or a cup of warm milk before bed, but one cup of milk cannot cause so much p. can it?

Try not having it and see if it makes a difference.That would be the first thing I'd think of, drinking a cup of liquid before bed! Do you bolus for the milk? A cup of milk would make me quite high. If you don't bolus for it you might want to check during the night to see if you're going high.

yes, i bolus for it. i bolus for everything that goes into my mouth. even veggies and nuts, chicken and fish. but the thing is, i get up to P aroiund 4 times. i only have 1cup of warm milk. where is all the fluid coming from?

The first thing to think of is fluid intake (especially since you've been tested by a urologist). Try not drinking a cup of milk before bed and in general reduce fluid intake a couple hours before bed and see if it makes a difference.

This I hate to even bring up but is there a chance your meter is off? You keep saying your numbers are "excellent" - nothing above 120, and yet your A1C is 8 which is an average of 183.

To a large degree, the liquid that you take in is going to come out! If you aren't peeing it out while awake, you will do so overnight.

As an exercise, you might want to see how often you go during the day. Every 2 - 3 hours or longer/less? Second, as Zoe suggested, reduce your liquid intake before going to bed.

my A1C was 8 last time i visited my endo. i have had more than several changes in both my basal and insulin:carb ratios during the day. in the past 4 months, my BSs have been excellent. i see my endo in 2 weeks. i am certain my A1c has gone down. my meter is fine; its funny you bring that up, b/c i have several different meters, and i checked myself on the others with the same result. my meter shows me my 14 day and 30 day averages. i have been 70 - 130 all month. so with my fingers crossed, i hope i have brought my A1cs down considerably.

You may have nothing more than an over active bladder. It happens, especially if you have a small bladder. Maybe something like Detrol can help. In my experience even blood sugars in the 200's wouldnt make me needing to get up to pee 3-4 times. Try eliminating the fluid before bedtime, and if that doesn't help ask your Dr about something like Detrol.

I'm sure you have! Good work, Daisy Mae! That will be exciting to see your new A1C!

IT'S THE TEA ! It must be the tea, I was drinking way too much tea and going to the bathroom at night too often. It has all settled now. Could it just be habit now, I'm a very light sleeper and if I move at all I think oh I had better go to bathroom now before I go back to sleep.

I've noticed Diet Pepsi makes me pee a lot more than it used too.

i dont drink diet sodas. must be something else. love the pic of your cat, though. whats her name? i have two blue point siamese; Mookie Wilson Moskowitz and Esme, for love and squallor. whats her/his name?

it must be that i have a small bladder. i P all day long as well. i do drink a lot of water. i think maybe i need to try all your suggestions about cutting out the pre-bedtime tea or warm milk. the other issue is that i walk in my sleep several times during the night. my husband finds me doing things around the house, like feeding the cats, changing my clothing, putting something together in the kitchen, even (and this tops the charts) changing my pump! i told my doctor about this...or rather my husband told my doctor about this because he was concerned that i might start a fire or even leave the house. the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about b/c sleepwalkers are always on some level aware of what they are doing.that they dont engage in dangerous situations. who the hell knows.

She's not my cat, lol I just found the pic online and liked it. I love Siamese cats too.

I do this also. Don't know why, have an A1C of 5.6. Some high and low numbers.

For some reason, all the water I drink manifests overnight. Not as much need to pee in the day. It catches up overnight.

Does not worry me--no kidney problems, no DKA, it is what it is.

I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with during the day there are other things going on that distracts, I mean we feel the urge to go pee, but it's like I'll do it after I finish this job, take that call, etc. At night we are more relaxed and not a hundred other demands on us.

Zoe, i dont know if you will receive this message, but i thought i would give it a try.

went to endo last week. A1c down from 8.5 to 6!!!!!!!!!
so excited, thought i would have a plate of pancakes covered in maple syrup and butter. (just kidding LOL)

Daisy Mae

So I think this is how it works. When we sit or stand for long periods of time fluid collects in our legs and feet. When we lay down at night all that fluid returns to the bloodstream, which goes to the kidneys to be filtered, and wham, the bladder is full of urine. Changing position, elevating our legs and feet, not sitting for long periods of time, can help prevent this. And don't drink anything before bedtime!