Nightime excursions to the bathroom

Hope this doesn't put anyone off, but I was wondering last night if my nightime trips to the loo are normal. This only started a few weeks ago, before this I could sleep through all night. My blood glucose is normal during the night. I don't eat after 6pm usually but I do have maybe two cups of tea, could this be the problem ?

Try going without the two cups of tea before bed and see if it makes a difference. If the problem continues and you have in range blood glucose, then you might want to have a doctor check to see if you have a uti.

I'm nocturnal so I'm up eating and drinking at odd hours, but mostly my nocturnal trips have cut down due to being diagnosed, lowered bg and not being in dka etc. But I did have two uti after the hospital stay... now I drink tons of water and one to two cups of tea per day usually earlier in the day, and maybe some herbal tea. It could be the caffeine maybe.. I think regular tea will make you go more, but water can also. My main symptoms for the uti were stomach pain.

Yes it could be a UTI, I'll go and get it checked out Zoe. Also will try with all my strenght to forego the tea.

I was going to ask that question as well, about the water I mean. Should I drink water even though I'm not thirsty. I know this sounds like a ridiculous question after years of being told that diabetics should drink tons of water each day, but I'd like to hear it from normal diabetics on here. No stomach pain at all Meee. I'll leave out the tea for a few nights see what happens.

Is it possible your blood glucose goes up but you don't catch it because it's down again by morning?

I've checked it at intervals throughout the night in the past and its been stable, around 5-6mmols. Although I haven't done it in a while, so this might be the reason. Thanks Kathyann.

Hi Josephine,

I don't think it's a ridiculous question I was wondering the same thing myself. I actually always drank a lot of water even before all this happened. I think it's good for your health and it helped me with other issues. I don't feel thirsty now the way I did when I was having really high blood sugars and in Dka of course. But I still try to have 8 to 10 glasses of liquid every day that are not caffeinated. I think we should drink a lot of water but obviously don't force yourself to drink if you're really not thirsty at all. I drink two glasses as soon as I wake up and I always have a pitcher of water by my bedside.

Today I didn't wake up at 6 am for my basal and I woke up higher at 119 and I did feel a little thirstier, but there are other things that could have made me thirsty too. I have fortunately not had that horrible high bg/dka thirst again at all. I don't seem to get that even when my bg has spiked more.

There are other things that can make us thirsty and go to the bathroom, like UTI & kidney issues and other health issues probably.

But it feels different if you have UTI- there is an urgency when you go. Maybe you could try drinking chamomile tea at night and leave the regular tea for the morning?

There are so many reasons to stay really well hydrated not just for us but for everyone. It's also good to stop blood clots(we are twice as likely to get them in situations where you might) and things like that from happening and it's good for your overall health and skin.

I have frequent trips to the loo, but I feel they are because of the high blood pressure meds I must take. Have you started any new meds recently? I used to love a cup of chamomile tea after my evening meal, and then realized that it might be responsible for at least one of my "loo" trips. Ah......tea, so comforting.

I forgot to say I carry some water with me to drink through out the day, I always have a pitcher by my bedside- I drink 1-2 glasses when I wake up and sips here and there as well as some before I sleep or if I'm hungry I use it stop me from eating again if I don't want to eat.

If you have uti that is one of the things that can become severe quickly and put you into dka and the hospital- you can do a home test and get your doc to put you on an antibiotic right away to avoid that.

Josephine- Sounds like it could be the tea. Two cups could definitely be the cause of your needing to get up at night. I usually get up at least 2 times when I drink 2 cups of tea. I agree w/ zoe about the possibility of a uti with zoe.

No new meds, bit of a problem with low bl pressure. I'm sitting with a cup of tea now, trying to squeeze my last one in before 6pm.

It could also be the fact that I have four cats who demand attention at all hours.

Having a little check up on Monday, so I'll tell him to test see if there's anything going on.

I eat a pretty good diet, apart from my cravings once a month, but anyway. I find it really hard to drink 8 glasses, it just makes me want to throw up. I do get quite a bit of water from my food. There may be a slight infection there as my urine is quite dark. I'm also going to ask doc about my kidneys as it was mentioned at my last appt that there is slight kidney damage.

I don't know if you've ever listened to John Tesh's program called "Intelligence for your life", but last evening he had a short segment about how humans might be able to get better sleep. One of the suggestions that was made if a person has pets who demand attention during the night is to have a "white noise" machine playing during the night. Supposedly this white noise diverts the attention of the animal because their hearing is more accute than a human, thereby diverting their attention from their 'pack leader' to listening to the white noise. Have no idea if this works as my dog sleeps in her kennel all evening.

It might be worth a try - or not.

My cats are that intelligent that they'd find the white noise machine and promptly turn it off. It might work on the hubby though.

that's good... let us know how you are. I have cats too and they always decide it's time to get up just when I'm drifting off.. lol.. your cats do sound super smart!

in regards to water needs... I found this article at the mayo clinic-

it's variable for everyone depending on your activities, the temperature/humidity/altitude, how much you sweat, your diet and other stuff... you don't want to drink too much for sure..

I tend to get dehydrated easily in the heat and other situations... but lately I've wondered if maybe I was drinking too much in the past, but it does help a couple of other conditions I have to drink more water/fluids so I try to strike a good balance for me... one of my gyn told me that if my urine was dark it usually means not enough water/fluids when there is no infection, however my urine wasn't dark when I had the recent uti.

I guess I only get up 2 times b/c I only have 2 cats. They sleep in their own room downstairs in various baskets and blankets. They don't interact with me and hubby until we get up in the morning.