Getting up to pee in middle of night but bg OK

I’m 45, T1 for 31 years.

Increasingly I’m getting up in middle of night to go pee several times every night. My bg is just fine (80 to 110) so I know it’s not just high blood sugars. And I don’t have to pee a lot each time. I also have many decades of perfectly fine kidney tests.

Seeing the doc (non-endo) later this week for a physical. He already has hinted that because of my age I will be on the receiving end of a prostate exam. Anything else I should be asking about?

i was going to say prostate too. my uncle is that age and refuses to get anything done about it. my mom is a nurse and suspects it is his prostate...

Sounds like possible prostate issues to me too. While not "fun" to be on the receiving end I'm sure, better to get it checked out than not.

Oh man Tim, there comes a time in every man life. I think your doctor is on the right track.

Hows your fluid intake before bedtime? Nocturia indeed can be so annoying for it disrupts sleep. Glad youre seeing a doctor...prostate exam will be beneficial. There are also common causes of frequent urination at night such as: anxiety, kidney and overactive bladder issues and some medications like diuretics.

While we are quick to blame things on our diabetes, it could actually be quite a number of other things. Although we can probably cross off pregnancy, UTIs, changes in electrolytes, too much coffee or alcohol, certain foods, prostate and as Teena says, even just stress and anxiety can all cause this. And yes, diabetes might be involved. You can get neuropathy of your urinary tract. There are a number of tests that can be run to help track things down such as an ultrasound or urodynamic study.

But before getting all spun up, it would be good to look through your life, figure out when it started, how quickly it came on and all the things that changed in your life during that period.