Getting used to this pump

never having had a pump before, i seem to be getting used to it. i am wondering however, how often people change their sites. i know what the recommendations are, but do you ever find you have to change more often, or can you sometimes go a little longer? i have the Animas Ping and i am also wondering what your favourite infusion sets are?

Hello :slight_smile:

My daughter has been wearing the Insets for over 4 years. She actually started wearing them with her Cozmo, and they’re one of the reasons we switched to Animas 2 years ago, after Cozmo announced they were closing up shop. We usually go 4 days, sometimes 5…rarely 3. But she’s also 7 and only uses about 20u/day total.

Enjoy the Ping! WE LOVE IT :slight_smile:

I would REALLY recommend you change the sets a MINIMUM of every 3 days. Even if we take the concern of possible degrading insulin (Novolog is approved for 6 days in the pump but Humalog and Apidra are 2-3 days in the pump) in warm weather it is still best to change frequently. The longer that infusion set is in the more chance that scar tissue will build up in those areas. Some people seem to be able to get rid of the scar tissue by avoiding those spots but some can never use those areas again.

I love my Mio infusion sets. Easy to use and compact for travel or just carrying around a spare. I generally change mine every 3 days. With Skin Tac, the site stays on fairly well, although before using SkinTac, I would have issues with sites sometimes coming out too soon.

Every now and again, I forget to change my site and, provided there’s enough insulin left in the resevoir, I leave it in for an extra day. In summer months, I feel like I have to change my site more often, maybe because I shower more and sweat more.

Some DEs in Australia are now recommending to change infusion sets every 2 days. If you figure you’ll be using a pump for many years, you surely don’t want the scar tissue, even if you don’t have it now. Who knows what they’ll invent next, but assume you’ll be pumping for many years and you don’t want to run out of fully working sites too soon.