Gift requests and suggestions?

I’ve been approached recently by a number of companies that make diabetes-related products (bags for D-supplies, cases for pumps…) and charities to which one can donate in another’s name, as a gift, asking me to promote them as gift-giving options for PWD. At first I thought “very cool! I’ll let our members know about these gifting options!”. But then a colleague of mine raised the point that perhaps some of us would really NOT like to receive anything diabetes-related for the holidays. Maybe that’s the last thing some PWD want!

Would you like to receive a gift that relates to diabetes in some way? Would you like, as a gift, for someone to make a donation to an organization in your name? If you answer “yes” to either of these, what gift would you like to receive, or organization would you want your loved-one to donate to?

If the gift is not covered with diabetic bag or whatsoever, but discreetly labelled inside I would be pleased with the gift. I would like any benefit to be paid to Diabetes Western Australia.

There is a particular diabetes-related t-shirt that I really like, the purchase of which helps to fund a documentary about research toward a cure for type 1, called The Human Trial. I’m doing a live interview on TuDiabetes with the documentarian in January. (Details here) That t-shirt is a D-thing I’d be happy to receive as a gift.

I don’t really use any pump cases or D-gear bags, so although I wouldn’t be upset to receive one I also probably wouldn’t make use of it.



I woudl not mind DHF staff spread them around to those who are participating. One per person first come first served or something like that. Hey i love hats, so yeah toss a hat, pen, Mercedes my way offer the pink fuzzy dice and i might let you know if I will move on.


recenly read a blogpost about not giving specific “diabetes” gifts to PWD. cant find the post anymore, unfortunately… :confused:
kinda agree on that, if i need anything D-related it is pretty specific and i often search for months myself to find what i need, and all that food, i guess everyone agrees with me that sugar free candy stinks.
about the donations to charities made in your name i think a bit differently, as it is a nice gesture and find it quite considerate.
my 0.02

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Low carb snacks:

I’m not that into diabetes gear, other than meters, etc. that I’d prefer to choose myself. I have always traveled as lightly as possible so I don’t have a “diabetes bag”. I have a “messenger bag” to schlep lunch to work, that happens to take care of my meter, SmartieBeans, etc. and some running belts, but pretty much everybody with whom I did marathon training a couple of years ago had some sort of belt to lug snacks, hydration, etc. along with so I don’t have a special diabetes one.


@EmilyC Emily, do the companies want you personally to promote their products? If Tudiabetes does any promotions will a percentage of the profit be donated to the organization? Since I’m about to be using a pump for the first time, I’d be interested in learning about bags to carry pump supplies. I’d be even more inclined to buy a quality product if as a result of my purchase tudiabetes received some funds. If people aren’t interested they simply won’t pay attention to the promotion.

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I would be more inclined to do the same thing myself!

@MarieB Thanks.

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Great question, @Janis1! In the case of this thread, no. But I do sometimes post about companies that donate to DHF each time one of our members purchases their product, posts on their website, etc. As you might guess, we get a lot of those sorts of offers/requests, and I try to be discerning about which I share here.

I LOVE that you would be more inclined to purchase a product that resulted in a donation to DHF! Thank you so much for having that in mind, @Janis1. At the moment there are no pump supply case companies that are offering donations, but I’ll contact a couple of them and let them know such an arrangement would be meaningful to our members :wink:

Then there are books… I like getting books. There are number of them written by people in the DOC. I like getting books with BTDT experience like:

Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator by Daniele Hargenrader

Dealing with Diabetes Burnout by Ginger Vieira

Sugar Linings by Sierra Sandison

I’m sure there’s more. And, if you designate DHF in Smile on Amazon a percentage of the purchase does come back to us as a donation. :grinning: