What's a thoughtful gift to give a friend who's recently been diagnosed with diabetes?

My best friend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week. She's taking it pretty hard. I'd like to buy her a gift to make her feel better. I'm not sure what to buy -- something diabetes related, something sexy, something inspirational? My head's spinning! What's the most thoughtful gift anyone's ever given you? I want to make her feel better and "forget" her troubles. Thanks!

You know your best friend and we don't. What does she like? What are her interests? I guess I shouldn't suggest chocolate!! :)

Of course you should! She loves chocolate and it is Easter tomorrow! That sugar-free stuff gives me the trots, though. Not sure about her, but lots of people have trouble digesting it, so that's out! Actually, I was thinking what I could get her and logged on just now to reply to my own discussion when I saw your comment, thanks for commenting! But, I think I know just what to get her. I think I'm going to start a diabetes blog for her, fill it with all kinds of information. That way, she'll have her own diabetes "library" right at her fingertips! Now, all I need is a catchy name!

Why don't you buy her a copy of Using Insulin or Think Like a Pancreas for the information factor and/or a pretty journal to write her thoughts and feelings about her diagnosis?

Also do give her the gift of support by recommending she come here!

That journal one is a good idea. At first, I was going to suggest she start her own diabetes blog, but then the idea sounded so appealing, I started one for her! I suppose I can get her a journal though -- kind of like a baby book for her to record her "milestones" as a diabetic. Like, her first doctor visit, her first insulin injection, her first A1c; stuff like that. Wish I would have thought of that decades ago when I was first diagnosed! She knows about the forums -- sometimes we read forums together. I'm diabetic, too!

A bouquet of spring flowers and the book Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner–the flowers to remind her that life goes on and the book to help guide her on this crazy path.

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You're the second person to suggest that book! I wish someone suggested it to me when I was diagnosed a long time ago! I haven't read it myself, but from what I see at Amazon, it gets good reviews. Something to think about, thanks! Oh, and the flowers is a nice touch -- I think I'll save them for her birthday!

I wouldn't want something diabetes-related as a gift. Just be there for her, listen to her complain and be frustrated. Bearing witness is sometimes the best gift of all.

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i was diagnosed a month before christmas and i made sure to tell my family i didnt want ANYTHING diabetes related. i was so glad i did, as my brother had gotten me d-related everything! at that point i couldnt bear diabetes taking my xmas. i didnt want all of the things i opened at xmas to be gifts for my diabetes.

i had also just moved to a different city and started a new job. one of my new coworkers came in one day with a bag of d-friendly cookies, which worked for me for a couple of months, and some stuff from the body shop. it was a complete surprise and for that i was so touched, that this woman i hardly knew wanted to make me feel better!

my t1 friend, diagnosed just two years before me, sent me "think like a pancreas" and "the diabetic athletes handbook". i devoured them over the xmas holiday. it was so good to have her a phonecall away, someone who understood everything and give me advice. she called me a couple of times those first couple of weeks and that was a wonderful gift.

finally, my uncle sent me "the book of better" by chuck eitken. it is informative, but soooo funny. still to this day when i am feeling down and beaten by d i can open it to any page and laugh at diabetes. a little. or just feel completely understood. i would highly recommend this book!

i would say if you do get her something d-related, mix it in with something that has nothing to do with d-a manicure with you, a film, a day at a theme park,
some activiy that doesnt revolve around food/diabetes!

You are a wonderful, thoughtful friend, how nice!

Remind her that regardless of her diagnosis, that she is still a wonderful person, still the person who has joy in her life, still the same person who can laugh, love and smile, still the same person that you are happy to call a friend.

How about just a hug?

That's so true! I know how much better it makes me feel when she lets me talk about all my "stuff." Now, it's time for me to be the strong one, as far as the diabetes goes. But, it's kind of hard to listen to someone who isn't willing to talk. She totally shut down. I think she's in denial. I'm scared to push things, though. I'm sure she'll come around. For now, I keep reminding her I'm there whenever she needs me. Thanks!

I know just what you mean! I think she feels consumed by all the information right now everyone's throwing at her; her doctor, her endo, her family, her job and her insurance company! I think some time away from diabetes is just what she needs. I mean, sure, all that stuff is useful and helpful and will come in handy eventually, but for now, I think retail therapy should do the trick, nicely! I'm going to suggest shoe shopping today after Easter brunch. OMG, that's a good question, actually! I think in my next discussion, I'm going to post about diabetic shoes! And, thanks for the book suggestions. I actually never heard of them, but will check them out at Amazon. Hang in there, and thanks so much! Happy Easter!

That's exactly what I told her when she first found out. It didn't work, she got mad. Maybe not so much at me, but at the diabetes. I know what she's going through. Been there myself, but I was much younger, so I took it differently. More scared than angry. But, still. I can remember everyone telling me how nothing's changed, about me, that is. I'm still the same person and have a bright future ahead. I guess it's hard to see it that way at first, but it will come. Soon, I hope. I hate seeing her this way. Thanks for the comment!

OK, I can use one! Kidding! Yeah, lots of hugs lately. Thanks!

As far as chocolate is concerned, there are about as many grams of carb in a good dark chocolate (the real kind) as in the "sugarfree stuff. If she can have just a square a day - that's how I manage to have real chocolate andstill have good numbers. And for a gift, what about a cosmetic bag that suits her tastes? It could make her meter kit more fun.

Her meter! That reminds me, she's shopping for a meter right now. She doesn't want the one her insurance covers, so she's willing to pay out of pocket. Not that they're too expensive. You know, I'm amazed at how inexpensive blood glucose meters are, given they're so important to diabetics. In case of a fire, I grab my wallet, my insulin and my meter! (And my pets, obviously! And now I've run out of hands!) It's a huge market -- wonder why meters are so inexpensive and test strips are so pricey. The way I see it, you hang on to a meter way longer than you hang on to strips. Shouldn't the thing that gets disposed of cost less? Or, am I reading too much into it? LOL

Actually, free or cheap meters is how they "get" you! What doesn't she like about the meter her insurance covers? Strips retail for about $1.00/strip.

Well, she's kind of focused on the wrong thing about the meter. She wants a cool-looking one with lots of bells and whistles; the one her insurance covers is big and bulky. She's into gadgets, so she's picky. I keep telling her a good meter just has to accurately test your blood sugar; but she wants to be able to hook it up to her iPhone. I'm not the techie she is, all my cell phone does is make phone calls and all my blood glucose meter does is check my sugar! I suppose none of them is precise, but as accurate as possible, you know?

There may still be some alternatives meters. If , for example, the one her insurance covers is an "Acme Big and Bulky", with the Acme strips, and there is a Cool-Looking Acme meter that uses the same strips, she can take the Acme Big and Bulky, buy herself the Acme Cool Looking meter, and have her Acme strips covered.

Another idea is for her to show her Endo that she uses the IPhone app (religiously) and get a letter of medical necessity for optimum D mgt?

Another thought. Most meters can be downloaded into a computer, perhaps there is an iPhone app for the brand of meter that her insurance covers?