GIVING UP PUMP!: Insulin Pump Training Impossible

I received my insulin pump a week ago from today and I have yet to start to use it. I am very fustrated about it because I first of all tired of sticking my self, secondly because I'm in college its hard for me to find a safe place to store my pens when I'm in class and lastly I have a full-time job.

The first issue I had with insulin pump training is that my endocrinologist at the time ordered the pump for me, but would never be avaliable for training. She discussed with me, that instead of Animas coming to me do to the training, she wanted the training to be done in her office so their is no confusing in treatment and training. I said fine since safety comes first. Of course this did not work out because all of our schedules differed from each other: the doctor scheduled, my schedule, and the Animas Clinical Personnel. When the doctor was avaliable for me to come in the office to do the training, Animas was booked for that day, and when Animas was avaliable to do the trainig, the doctor was either booked or was not in the office. So I decided to switch endocrinologist to find someone who was more cared about my health than their personal advancement.

So I found a new doctor and he agreed that pump therapy was right for me. He also confirmed that I am type 1 diabetic and not type 2 like the old doctor kept telling me. He clearly said, "Why would she treat you for both type 1 and type 2 when clearly according to your labs, your type 1." So since he said that pump therapy was right for me, I continued to ask him to sign the orders for me to get trained by Animas and he kept insisting that I get trained by their diabetic education system at the Diabetic Research Institue at the Univeristy of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

So I started to contact the Diabetic Research Institue and began to ask for more information. Apparently, the only time they offer pump therapy trainings is Wednesdays at 1PM WHICH I AM AT WORK!!! I explained and asked if their was a reason for this and started to ask for suggestions. We then came to an aggreement that I would do Pump Button training with Animas and schedule a letter appointment to do insulin start with them. Animas was ready to do button training, but needed new orders signed since I switched doctors. I called the Diabetic Research Institue back and apparently all the nurses and medical staff were out the office at a conference. I explained the the rep that was there what was going on and she suggested sending her the paper so the doctor could sign them and we could get started. He still refused to sign the paper saying that he asked me to go to the Diabetic Research Institue for training when I can never make their trainings because they are set scheduled in the middle of the day. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

Is there any way you can take time off work, like some do for dr appointments?

I'd try explaining to your dr what's going on, that you can't make the appointment times at DRI because of work conflicts.

It's been a week, and I imagine that it must be incredibly frustrating, bu keep trying. I promise that pumping is worth it!

I have explained to him and DRI even suggested that I get the pump training from Animas because of it and that just do the insulin start with them later on. I can not ask for days off beceause I actually just started this job on Tuesday.... :-(

I'm sorry. I don't know what else to suggest except to hang in there and stand your ground.

I would write a polite, formal letter to the doctor requesting the training I want, with my reasons. I'd state in the letter that I was willing to be trained, but that my working schedule prohibited me from attending the doctor's preferred training. I'd ask the doctor how to resolve this quickly, given that I was concerned that their inability to set me up with a session I could actually attend was preventing me from treating my illness. I'd ask: If Animas is not possible, what other resources are available to me, or are there no other training resources available from your practice?

This is polite and assertive yet non-confrontational and begins a paper trail for which the doctor is then accountable. If he blows you off, and you really can't make the sessions, then it's probably time to find a new endo (again), because the doctors are not personally vested in your health, but you are.

I agree with what teld stated. I mean there should be no reason why the Animas reps cannot consult with your Dr about where they want your settings at, what they want your CF at, your I/C ratio etc and Animas cant do it. That's just baloney. I'd write the letter, and in the meantime, I'd also call around different endo groups. And if you find someone who can give you what you need, make the switch. A Dr is not a life long commitment, lol I've ditched Dr's for far less and have moved onto someone else. Good luck, and it WILL be worth the frustrations when you finally get it going.

You need to keep trying. I went through a little bit of this the last time that I got a pump, but I pushed back and eventually I got to meet with the pump trainer on my terms (like you, it was a work schedule issue). In my case, it was more absurd because I had had a pump before and I knew how to operate it, but Medtronic and my endo were insistent that I go through pump training (at least a scaled back version) again. Within reason, the endos and trainers do have flexibility. You need to politely and firmly explain that you simply cannot take days off of work.

Perhaps the pump trainer can meet you somewhere on your lunch break? I know with Medtronic, the trainers are employees of Medtronic and they have very flexible schedules.

Sometimes are not oppertune to start a new project. When I started pumping 12 years ago i wasn't the right time for me because my husband had had a serious illness. I started pumping but realized 3 weeks into it that I had to disconnect and try another time. I did disconnect and was able to reconnect 6 months later when he was better. You have a lot of things on your plate and things can't seem to lineup, retreat and start a new another day...wish you the best.

All of the above sounds good. I would write the letter to your doctor, then take a step back and de-stress. It will take some time for them to receive your letter and respond. You've started a new job which is probably adding to your stress level and frustration as well.

Betty J is right, it may not be the best time for you to start your pump. Shots stink, but at least you already know you can manage them. Also, you need a safe place to store your pens in class? How about a special bag inside of your backpack? Pencil bags are cheap and are the right size for pens. You should be able to fit several in there, along with the screw-on needles and anything else you might need. Treat your supplies like you would a cell phone or MP3 player. Make sure you always have them on your person when you enter and leave a room.

College is a lot of work. Diabetes is a lot of work. And work is a lot of work. :) But taking some time to manage your diabetes will make the other two easier.

I actually spoke to the DRI this morning and Aleida the nurse said she will talk to him, and I also sent the doctor an email to let him know exactly what's going on and why we were requesting him to fill out new orders:

1) My work and school schedule is not allowing me to attending Wednesday at 1pm for the trainings. I suggest that the DRI find other alternative for other patients who do work and are unable to make their fixed schedule.

2) I'm "ONLY" doing "PUMP BUTTON TRAINING" with Animas with saline and will do "PUMP INSULIN TRAINING" with the "DRI".

Hey Everyone!!!

I’m excited to say I wrote my doctor a letter, and CCd it to the insurance and finally got my insulin pump training started on Wednesday. I’m on saline now and will do the insulin start on this upcoming Wednesday. Thank you guys for all your suggestions.

I'm sorry I missed the thread but glad you got the details arranged!

Tell Animas to take back their several thousand dollar device and the future purchases of supplies will not happen either. I bet they will find a way to give you the service you deserve. If you really want them to react, tell them Medtronic will train you on your schedule whenever you can.
If they can’t find a way to service you before the grace period is over, what do you think they will do after it is too late to change your mind?