This website is a blessing to me

When I was diagnosed last year I felt a mixture of all the negative emotions one could think of (anger, self-pity, hopelessness and guilt). I felt alone amongst other people and wondered if there were other diabetics besides me. I saw other needles in disposed hazard containers in boxes at university so it had to be true. I never thought to look up a website like this and now I realize just how much diabetes affects others and their families and friends. I am reading through countless blogs and forums and learning all so much that I think my head could explode, but I love it as this means that I may shed my ignorance towards this with the help of others.

My head felt like it was going to explode too when I joined, but I needed that intense connection so I felt I was not alone too. Welcome to TuD!

(BTW your profile pics shows you to be pretty healthy and courageous. :)).

I LOVE this site! One would think that after 34 years with Type 1 I would have known all the answers but here I have learned even more. I took Type 1 at 10 then when my oldest was 11 she took Type 1 too) so I should have known all about it right? Thanks to the many ppl here I found a home (I had to hide the fact I was Type 1 to get a job years ago b/c there was no ADA act out there) Now I’ve had Type 1 for 37 years and my daughter has been a Type 1 for 11 and gave me 3 lovely g-kids is a CNA. Yep I’m really proud of her! (she was also born missing her left hand). Anyway Welcome to the family and we’ll always be here to share or just talk to!

The emotions is something you just have to work through. This is a great place to speed that process, you see lots of people who are successfully dealing with diabetes and living life to the fullest.

It’s also a great means to speed the learning curve. Diabetes is a do it yourself disease, and the advice you get from the medical profession is often insufficient to deal with it successfully.

Welcome aboard.

This is definitely the place for you to meet other diabetics and learn about D from very knowledgeable members who are always happy to help a newbie ( semi-newbie.) I have learned more from almost 1 year on this site than I ever learned from any doc or diabetes educator I’ve ever met. The best part about this website is everyone understand what you are feeling and going thru b/c we are too. Welcome !

Glad you found the website. Ever since I found it I don’t feel so alone in the struggle with diabetes. The more you know the easier it gets.