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Hi everyone! I joined this community for two reasons: my husband and my son. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 at 31yrs, in '02, and my son was diagnosed at 5yrs with type 1 on Aug,30.04. We also have a daughter who is 12. (non d)

We are interested on getting our child on a pump. Today we took an insulin management class, next will be the 'Pump It Up' class, then it's one step closer to actually chosing a pump. I've looked into a few, but I'm at a loss as to which would be the best one for us.

Hi Lydia,
I’ve reviewed three pumps recently. Here are the links:
Minimed 722 -
Cozmo 1800 -
Animas 2020 -

Also check out for a good feature comparison table.

I would also suggest signing up at for a wealth of information.

Chris Bishop, another member at, has also been looking at the different pumps out there.

Best of luck!

there are a lot of great resources about pumps. I am also looking to go on the pump and have been doing some research on them. Here are some links to information on insulin pumps:

  1. My Blog: I have 2 posts about insulin pumps

  1. Diabetes mall has comparison charts on the major insulin pumps. It is a great comparison once you understand a little bit of the terminology that goes with insulin pumps:

  1. has a very extensive list of insulin pumps and a comarison chart. Once again, it help to understand the terminology of insulin pumps when reading the chart and making a decision.

  1. Shamen blog. He has 3 great hands on reviews of a few pumps:

I hope this helps and good luck

guess SRI beat me to the punch… but I guess its better to have too much info than not enough.

hi Lydia, don’t forget to enlist your insurance company. they may have some financial information that may play a part in your decision. ( I am a minimed pumper for about a year now. )

anytime you need help let us know!!! - joe

My son has been on an Animas pump for 19 months now.

I agree with the others Insulin Pumpers is a great place to find useful info about pumps.