Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I have an 11 year old son that was had type 1 for almost 2 years. He recently started on the meditronic pump and is loving it. I found this website through a speaker I heard in Edmonton Alberta. Looks awesome and I love having a place to go and post where people know what language I am speaking and understand because they too have been there.


Hope I did this right!

I just proofed what I typed…yikes!! He has had type 1 …I would like to blame lack of sleep, but really I just never think past what my fingers are typing.

That’s why I use only 2. HA! My daughter makes fun of how slow I am but I get the job done! HA!

Anyway WELCOME! I took Type 1 when I was 10 and my daughter took it when she was 11. Check out our groups here there is one for “parents of Type 1’s” You will find it supportave for you

Hello Jolynn…Welcome!!

We’re Happy that you are here. Sorry that your Son was dxd. but YES we understand you. Read up and ask away or just enjoy the discussions, Groups, jokes, Friendships, venting if you need, whatever.

LOL! Never mind the (typos)boo-boo’s. We all make them on occasion.

Welcome Jolynn! Dont worry about the typos…we all do that sometimes here…and yet we still understood each other =)
There are groups that will best share your experiences and will offer all the support you need:
Glad you can join the family!

Hi John. Welcome. Don’t forget to add a profile photo.