Glimp - why it shows different readings from LibreLink

I’ve seen everyone around here mentioning Glimp as an alternative reading for Freetyle Libre.

Currently I’m having an inaccurate sensor whose readings are 30-40 mg off from finger pricks. I installed Glimp (without any calibration) and it shows more accurate results.

I haven’t seen anyone talking about it, but does anyone know why Glimp shows different readings? It scans the exact same sensor, so why are the readings different? I didn’t provide it any glucose info and still it’s different. I couldn’t find any information about it.

Never mind I’m an idiot. It’s the same results. I guess people who get different results is because they input finger prick data into it

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@qwyz I really don’t have any information for you other than, You are not an idiot. I bet there’s not one member of this or any diabetes board who would say, “I know all there is to know about diabetes, treatment and technology.” We all have been learning and still are.

A big welcome to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and offer answers when you can.

Thank you :smiley:

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Oh; don’t worry. At least I found out that Glimp is only for Android, and I have an iPhone. LOL
But things are changing very fast in this high-technology area, and every little improvement helps.

I wonder if you’ve had your sensor in for a couple of days – because sometimes (not often) it takes that long to completely stabilize. If you’re still having a 30-40 difference with your fingerprick readings, I’d say that a call to the Freestyle Libre Customer Care would have them sending you a new sensor.
By the way: is it the 14 Day like I have, or the new Libre 2 with alarms?

I have it for three days, and still (today) it’s 30 mg higher. A new sensor should arrive this week, but I’ll leave mine one until that one arrives. What’s interesting is that it’s consistently 30-something above finger prick readings. I wonder if I can deduce my real sugar by offseting its readings.

It’s a 14 days Libre.

What brand of fingerstick meter do you have? Sometimes those (and/or the strips) can be off, too.
I settled on the Accu-chek Aviva Plus, and it reads within a couple of points of my actual lab tests – as my Libre usually does.

I bought FreeStyle Freedom Lite the other day. Don’t think I’ll invest in an additional meter soon. But good to know

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