Global Deaths from everything 2020

I thought this was an interesting graph to watch.

This doesn’t seem to be working anymore!!!

That seems a misleading graph. Why are major causes of death, e.g. cancer and cardiovascular diseases, omitted?

It appears they stopped updating the one which had those shown, @Boerenkool

The last time this updated was in April 21, 2020.

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These graphs were not made by the same person. Also, the first graph visualizes global deaths and the second US deaths. Another difference is that the first one is cumulative, while the second shows daily averages.

Look at TB - nerve wracking.

It may look nerve wracking, but TB is not at all the second most important cause of death worldwide, although it may look like it is, due to the omission of other causes with a higher mortality rate.

No, but I think that they are citing only covid-related illnesses.
I think its illness AND covid, not illness OR covid.

No, if that were true, covid would have to be the number one cause of death from the start at January 1st. Also, suicide, homicide, fire and terrorism among others are not covid-related causes of death.

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That is interesting and I didn’t spot the lack of the 2 major things, cardio and cancer. But I still think it’s interesting to see the climb of Covid up the chart. I could take it down, but it’s still an interesting watch. So many of any of the charts don’t have the cardio/cancer info on them. (Most don’t have diabetes).

Like @mohee0001 I was surprised at the TB numbers, There are strains out there that are not responding to antibiotics.

Here’s another graph that’s interesting

Why aren’t they letting people get TB vacc?
They don’t want to run out?
I tried to re-vaccinate in March. But, I already was up to date.
I told my brother to get it and they said he wasn’t old enough.