Covid-19 Risk Chart

I figured some of you may be interested in this as there appears to be considerable Covid interest and discussion on this forum.


Thanks @CJ114

They forgot one level: NO RISK

Calling your mom, dad, sibling, family member … loved one … friend…


No mention of masks. Many of these would be higher/lower risk based on wearing mask yourself and others to do same.

And when one does wear mask, it should cover mouth and nose!! Many store employees don’t seem to understand this.


The chart doesn’t have kissing or hugging.
I see people hug with masks all the time. Sometimes people need things spelled out.
There is enough pushback already on masks. I’m starting to get used to them. Kinda sad.

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That’s a helpful chart, @CJ114. In general it communicates that the degree of risk varies according to the activity. As many of us want to relax our strict quarantine regimens in a rational way, we need to realize what the relative degree of risk an activity represents.

My safety, unfortunately, depends to some extent on the behavior of others. I just wish that all of my fellow humans would agree that scientific fact should form the basis of public policy and acceptable public behavior.


Thank you. I’ve been struggling with restraint after realizing there’s no 10s on the list.

Risk factor 10:



Hey you guys,

I just got an email for registration for the Diabetes Tech Society’s Covid Summit. Sounds so fun! Its digital and free. I am very excited.

Please, please, please attend. Then we can all discuss it. I’m very excited. These conferences are typically thousands of dollars with travel costs and everything.

BTW, @meee, you holding up ok?


The chart says “Ranked by physicians from the TMA COVID-19 Task Force and the TMA Committee on Infectious Diseases”. That seems a pretty shaky foundation! There’s no data behind the chart, only physicians’ opinions.

The San Jose Mercury newspaper recently had a columnist who researched answers to a raft of questions like “how dangerous is it to swim in a public pool/lake/beach?” There were a bunch of other things, too. (Microwaving your mask to disinfect it? Nooooo, on several levels!!!) They used authorities like the CDC or the National Institutes of Health.

BTW: between the virus being diluted, and in swimming pools being attacked by any number of chemicals, they said that swimming wasn’t particularly dangerous. It’s the hanging around in close proximity with others, and a lot of them not wearing masks probably, that would be very dangerous.

Yes, I have had a lot going on unbelievable. I just posted a long reply at another post which you can read. I started therapy for my back which is finally starting to get better but still gets bad even at this point at times. Sprained my ankle badly and I am still having lung symptoms I will probably be doing more testing soon and going to win infectious disease specialist at some point.

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