Glucose meters

I just found out today that my stupid Freestyle Freedom meter was reading 30-40 higher! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! I was doing so much better all this time - STUPID METER! I verified it with the “sidekick” and the one the doctor used - I don’t know if I dropped it - or it was just crap! And expensive too!
I think I’ll just stay with the "sidekick for now - at least it cheap!

The doctor has started me on Metaformin 500mg today - My request - an attempt to perhaps hekp me lose more weight - he says sometime it works. I’ve been plateaued for a bit lately in spite of all my diet & exercise efforts.

Thanks to all for welcoming me here - It seems like a nice place to be!

The K.C. DeeVa

yep - still NFG - maybe I dropped it? I’m sticking with the Sidekick for a while (besides it’s cute!) Good to know that the others take the same strips - THANKS!