Meter and results

Got myself a meter today. The pharmacist and I talked about it and decided to go with the free meter with the cheapest strips since I will be paying out of pocket. We both doubted my insurance would pay for the strips without a diagnosis of diabetes. Heaven forbid they should help me NOT get it, right?

Anyway, I got a TRUEresult meter. For free. It came with 10 strips and I bought a box of 50 for $28. I had to calibrate it but that went smoothly. The manual is fairly easy to follow. The lance thing can be set to barely poke which I love! I’m doing the side of my finger. I have an older meter but I couldn’t get it to work.

My first test result was before lunch and was 85. Two hours after lunch (PB&J) it was 112. Two hours or so after dinner, I wasn’t feeling well and the result was 139. I had also exercised after lunch on my pedal machine thingy.

I’m using Glucose Buddy app for my iPod Touch. I like its simplicity yet sophistication. I’ve also got Islet and Livestrong but not done much with those yet.

So it was interesting to see that when I wasn’t feeling well, it was kinda high. I thought it was because my BG had dropped. I hadn’t started shaking or anything, just wasn’t feeling well. Tomorrow I’ll do it better with watching the time and all that. Today was just “learn to use the meter” day.

How long is a “fast” in terms of glucose? 8 hr or 10?

I think it’s 12 hours

Thanks! I woke with a migraine today so I wasn’t able to get a good fasting count. I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

WOW, Pauly, I am so proud of you! You took very good care of yourself today. Excellent. Any new machine, meter, therapy is going to take some time to get used to, and learn the new workings of. Ask my son about mom and the new cellphone, I think I am driving him nuts texting him instead of leaving messages. Keep it up, you’ll be good with this new fangled contraption soon. :o)