Glucose shot alternative?

When I have a low, I like to treat it with sugary liquids as opposed to tablets or gels. Liquids seem to work faster to me and they don’t stick to my teeth.
I like the liquid glucose shots that pharmacies sell because they’re easy to carry around, have a defined dose, and don’t go bad. What I don’t like is that they seem overpriced to me.
Does anyone have an alternative or a cheaper source?
I’ve used drinks syrups mixed with water which have a more pleasant taste than the glucose shots and cost less, but they will go bad after a few days of carrying them around unrefrigerated.

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CVS has a great OTC orange powder.

Can of coke lasts for years

True. But it can’t fit in your pocket.

Thank you, Rphil2, for that tip! I bought the powder packs a couple of days ago and just had occasion to use one this morning. Mixed with water, the flavor is mild and pleasant in contrast with either glucose tabs or liquid shots. The price is less than a third the price of liquid shots per serving so a win all around.
I think I will try premixing the powder with water in a used liquid shot bottle and carry some around that way. I imagine it will remain stable and not go bad.


Caution required. Aseptic technique recommended!

1: make sure you clean the container VERY WELL first ( with hot soap and water or bleach solution)

2: a good idea to boil the liquid (and let it cool with the lid on) before putting into the container

Even sugary water can get bacterial or fungal contaminants that can grow. They can adhere to surfaces or float around in the air or fall off of your hands or face. They can be pathogenic if allowed to grow in a nutrient rich medium.


Oh…thank you. Clearly I’m rather ignorant in this area. Maybe it’s best if I keep the water and powder separate until I want to consume them.

Well when you are going seriously hypoglycaemic you might not have a lot of functioning brain cells. So having something nearby that requires zero thought is a good idea.

Maybe buy some of the sealed ones for those occasions, and have some powder to mix when the need is less urgent?


it is pretty good stuff, I mean in comparison I do carry it in my bicycle water bottle while I ride a long ride. Otherwise I use it in powder form and pretend it is a giant Pixie Stick


I try to keep small containers of juice, as well as hard candies. But, if space is an issue, I carry a small tube of cake icing. Unopened, it’ll last a while and is very compact. It’ll fit in a pocket or small purse.

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