How do you treat the low?

Are there glucose tabs that are more than 4 carbs per tab? You have to eat so many to treat a bad low! My son is at college, and he’ll keep candy in his backpack but is tempted by it to eat at other time besides a low (I would too). What do you keep around to treat a low?

Great suggestion on the tube of frosting. I would say anything like that. Packets of honey work really well also.

Ive started carrying glucose gel…there are, and Ive tried, a few different kinds.
My fav is by ReliOn and I get it at Walmart.
Its a gel, 15g and doesnt taste to bad…Fruit Punch! Yum!
The others I have tasted…yuck…more of a paste than a gel…and I dont do well with paste LOL
This goes down easily, isnt as tempting as candy, and has more carbs than tabs.
The tube also has marking on it for 5g, 10g and 15g in case you dont need the whole thing.

CVS also sells something exactly the same except for the flavor…They have Tropical Fruit. Honestly, I dont know the difference! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that helps!

I keep juice boxes by my bed and at work. I keep glucose tabs in my purse and my car because they’re indestructible. Your son might try finding some candy that he doesn’t like so he’s not tempted. I tend to sneak lifesavers if I’m carrying them, but since I don’t like sour candy, smarties or sweet tarts are safe.

We use fruit gushers and Motts for Tots juice boxes (they are 13g) and one pack of fruit gushers is 19g, I think.

I have a hard time not eating stuff too. My most effective treatment is twizzlers red licorice bites, but, I have no restraint and can’t keep them around (one time, when my car was stolen, I was so upset I ate an entire large bag and was over 500 for several hours!)
For the most part, I stick with the tabs.
I have heard of several people using cake icing because of its portability, but it’s sort of expensive.

Milk works the best for me… I keep some at work in the freg that we have… When I don’t have milk then I use glucose tabs or honey in my car… and everyone elses car… Milk will bring it up faster the juice believe it or not… I use 1% milk… one cup…

When I’m out somewhere and a low hits it is always good to have some kind of candybar with me I have also been known to hae grape juice in a box in my purse. I have used the glucose tabs 3 times before but those lows usually hit me when I don’t have my bottem plate of dentures in and I need what will work NOW! Not wait till I pass out then get the lovely gluagon shot!!!

I keep glucose tabs with me. They’re simple, measured and indestructible.

My sister-in-law gave me some gels in a tube, but they tasted like crap.

If I"m exercising I carry a 50-50 solution of water and Gatorade or other sports drink.

i keep glucagon kits on me at all times, normally have one in my backpack, one in my diabetic bag, one at home and one in locker at work.
For me when lows hit, they hit hard and fast

Thanks everyone - awesome ideas!