Does a Gluten or Lactose free diet help?

Can you all share your experiences going Gluten or Lactose free? There are many articles on the internet about the same. I personally experienced a reduction in my insulin dose after going Gluten Free. Also I noticed the antibodies reduced after going Lactose free.

My t1 daughter who was diagnosed at four and is 8 now was diagnosed with Celiac about 1 year ago. It depends on what she eats. We did have to do some adjusting when we had to change her diet over but not much. She isn't lactose free thank goodness because she LOVES her milk and cheese.

Thanks..Is your daughter doing anything about celiac apart from taking a gluten free diet? Any nutritional supplements?

She is taking a multi vitamin and so far that is all that her endo. has said she needs. Her blood work was good at the end of last year so it seems to be going well.