Gluten Free

If you have Celiac Disease, you have probably already read that the new FDA rule goes into effect today:

I made this comment on another site:

"The AP article in my newspaper says, "The standard will ensure that companies can't label products 'gluten-free' if they are cross-contaminated from other products made in the same manufacturing facility".

I have had Celiac for over 20 years, and cross-contamination has become a big issue for me in the last month or so. I used to buy Subways or pita wraps and remove the food from inside the sandwich. Suddenly that removed food began to make me very ill; of course I recognized the Celiac symptoms. I'm sure sorry to lose Subways, though--back to salads and more salads. I'm very happy that I won't run into cross-contamination in foods I buy that are labeled gluten-free.

This new rule does not apply to restaurants, and I have to say that restaurants really scare me. About all I dare buy from them are salads." I'll add to that: you are safer to take your own dressing.

People with Diabetes often develop Celiac--I developed symptoms for the two diseases at the same time. Unfortunately we often don't realize how destructive the Celiac can be in both children and adults--with Celiac, one cannot absorb nutrients. There are many other problems as well, such as developing neuropathy; I just recently heard about a somewhat rare one, Celiac Ataxia--"

Three cheers for the FDA!

Thank you for the information Trudy. It is both timely and important. I had no idea of Celiac Ataxia, so your blog was a wonderful bit of information I woudl never have gotten elsewhere. Thanks again Trudy you are an inspiration to me.....rick

Thank you, Rick! These two autoimmune diseases, Diabetes and Celiac, are a full-time job to control. The more information one has about them, the better.