Glycomark while taking (SGLT2) inhibitors can interfere with test result

Last week during a series of test I had an A1C of 5.7 but also a glycomark of 1.4. I test 2 hours after every meal and knew I never went too high post meal. I found after some reading that SGLT2 inhibitors (Empagliflozin, AKA Jardiance) can cause falsely low glycomark scores.

Once you know what to search for there are several articles about this.

I just wanted to point this out for anyone else that might have experience this same issue.

  • The class of diabetes medications known as sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors lower blood glucose by blocking glucose reabsorption, resulting in elimination of glucose through urine. Because these medications exert their effect by producing glycosuria, abnormal 1,5-AG levels may be observed in conjunction with the use of these medications.7SGLT2 inhibitors affect circulating 1,5-AG levels, but do not affect the performance of the GlycoMark test.

I know your post is a year old but this is the first time I have seen anyone mention the Glycomark test. I have used this test on a few occasions to give me information not available from an A1C.

I did talked to my doctor about this and he is aware of the SGLT-2 interfering with the test. He said it at least allows him to check my kidneys are doing OK with the SGLT-2 so its still meaningful to him, just not so much about my average sugar in the last 2 weeks.