Preparing for my next Dr. appointment

Just got my blood work back and will meet with my new doctor in 3 weeks to discuss. Results:
Fructosomine- 291
GlycoMark- 4.7
Fasting Glucose 114
Fasting insulin <2.0
C Peptide: .64
High sensitivity C reactive Protein- .4
A1C- 4.7
GAD65- Negative

A little background. I am 5’4 and 115lbs. I have been on a low carb diet for close to six years after noticing alarming spikes after meals. A1C was always normal which made no sense to me given the numbers on the glucose monitor. I am now convinced that my A1c is not accurate given the above results. My old doctor told me not to worry and everything was fine as my A1C was low and fasting was in the 90’s but to stay on the low carb since I was feeling better. Wondering whether it would be reasonable to insist on a GCM for a few weeks and ask for additional antibody test. I understand that one can have no GAD antibodies but can have 3 other antibodies that can point to LADA.

Looks likely your diet brought u into a good groove.
Usually your doctor can give you a cgm for one session.
Sometimes it is a blind unit that you don’t get to see the results till after it’s done.
Not sure if the still do that.

Thanks. I thought I had everything under control but the GlycoMark result of 4.7 suggests very alarming spikes and I think the fructosomine of 291 is equivalent to A1c of 7.0.

I think u mean Gluco mark. And yes if it’s over 10 it means you are spiking over180.
Both fructosamine and gluco mark are newer tests and I don’t really know how subjective they are.
They are supposed to be testing very recent time span like one week or two.

I’m a type 1 so I don’t get those tests. I already know my range.

It could be you are spiking post meal or taht you run high at night. So it would be best to find out more.

A glucose tolerance test and cgm seem like good ideas

If you can afford it. And you still need a prescription, but a 14 day Libre runs about $35 at Costco, goodrx. You can download the ap free on an iphone and probably other phones that will scan the sensor for a reading. It’s a fairly cheap way to get a graph of what your blood sugar levels are doing.

It is not completely accurate but close enough to tell trends and gives you a 24/7 graph of your levels.

Thanks. Yes, I meant GlycoMark. But I understand that the lower the number the higher the spikes so 4.7 means the spikes are much higher than 180.

I understand that a prescription would be required.

It references to being out of range for length of time not so much how high. So maybe 10 means that you spiked over 180 for a short time. And 5 means you were over 180 for a long time.
I really don’t know how they slice it. Remember it is not a direct measurement. It’s an average based on other factors.

I certainly don’t know who meant what since it’s all new to me. But Google decided it wanted to point me in the direction of GlycoMark per the link below. :man_shrugging:

Yes, that is it. Thanks.

I don’t know how accurate this article is but it suggests that 4.7 falls somewhere between 200 and 225 range.