Glycomark Testing


In addition to H1c testing, does anyone’s doctor also use the Glycomark blood test which shows glycemic variability and postprandial glucose spikes within the last 1-2 weeks? It doesn’t appear mainstream doctors or endocrinologists use this test. My naturopath/holistic doctors uses it. My H1c is fairly good, but not the Glycomark. I have Type II diabetes and I exercise, eat very low carb and I’m below normal weight.


I had not heard of this test, and endo never mentioned it. I also use dexcom CGMS, so this test would not provide additional info in my case.

I found following with more details.


I’ve never used, but if it is accurate it seems like it would be good to know.

In my xdrip [CGM] I have a GVI (glycemic variability index) that I monitor that provides similar info.


Thanks. It appears it is a valuable test for me. I must be having spikes.


Carbs generally cause bigger spikes after meals. You may want to log carbs and after meal BGs, and find what changes to diet help avoid high spikes. Including proteins and fats with meals will slow down BG spikes related to carbs.


My endo does that every time, the result is not back yet from this past test because it takes longer along with fructosamine. I dont think he eid that one recently.

It does seem to show if you are having big spikes.